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Phoenix Association Seeks Animal Foster Carers!

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Phoenix Association www.phoenixasso.com

In order that we can maintain our success at re-homing animals, we are appealing for more foster homes for dogs/puppies and cats/kittens at this stage.

From time to time we lose our Foster Carers due to relocations and circumstances beyond our control, and now is one of these times.

Being a Foster Carer, as we can vouch, is a fantastically rewarding and enjoyable experience. You have the satisfaction and thrill of knowing you are literally saving the animal’s life. However, it is also a great commitment, the same as taking any pet into your home, but with added responsibilities and challenges.

Many of our existing Foster Carers already have their own animals, and some don’t. This doesn’t matter either way.

We would really love to hear from you if you are interested, but first, please take a look below as we have compiled a list of what the role consists of, and ways in which we will support you.

Requirements of a Phoenix Foster Carer:

• To live within 1.5 hours drive of our administrative centre in Vergt, 24380.

• To have a fully fenced, secure garden (for dog fostering, please note, Phoenix may be able to assist with fencing reparation and renewal where necessary).

• To have an enclosure or secure area for some cats / kittens

• To be around most of the time – obviously there are holidays and emergencies, but in principle, you look after the animal until it is homed, which could take from a week to several months.

• To be able to observe and assess the animal (which may have come directly from the pound or even from the streets), and to feed, clean, exercise, socialise, medicate and monitor the animal.

• To write a summary of the animal for the website (Phoenix PR team can assist) and to take photos to send these to the administrative centre.

• To transport the animal to and from one of the Phoenix vets for sterilisation, vaccinations, micro-chipping, medication, treatments etc (costs are covered by Phoenix – see below).

• To deal with enquiries from potential adopters, in order to assess their suitability - training will be given.

• To accurately and efficiently complete re-homing forms upon adoption of the animal and to return these swiftly to Phoenix with the contribution (that you will secure – guidelines will be provided) made by the adopter.

• To be prepared to take the animal back from the adopter if the adoption doesn’t work out (we try and avoid this unusual circumstance by thoroughly assessing suitability).

• To have plenty of love, understanding and patience, and to be able to be strong enough to part with the animal to whom you may get attached!

Phoenix will provide:

• Expenses – you may claim monthly for animal-related food, transport, pharmacy purchases, care items, phone, heating and damage to property or possessions. Vet bills are settled by Phoenix directly if a Phoenix vet is used.

• Funding to cover renewal or repair of fencing where required and in the case of cats/kittens, funding may be found for the construction of pens and runs, or for the conversion of existing buildings.

• Support and advice given by The Manager and other experienced Foster Carers.

If you are interested, and if you feel that you have what it takes to carry out the role, or just to ask any questions initially, we would really love to hear from you. In the first instance, please contact Lynda Atkins:

Tel 05 53 81 30 44

[email protected]

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