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  1. SPOT - endearing and shy little boy kitten needs a home (6 months old) Spot is Phoenix’s little darling. He’s was the last of his litter of strays to be caught, and now he’s the last to find a home. Although he’s shy with strangers at first, and therefore needs a gentle approach and a calm household, he will come to trust you which is oh so rewarding. He snuggles into foster mum, Caroline and enjoys a belly rub. There are definitely some oriental genes in his ancestry, shown in his fine bones and dainty air. Spot is well socialised with people, dogs and other cats. Please contact Caroline on 05 53 91 39 02 or email [email protected] Website: www.phoenixasso.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/PhoenixAssociationFrance
  2. This friendly, energetic chap was rescued from an owner who kept him permanently tied up to a barn on an abandoned farm. This was no life for such an affectionate dog who loves the walks and cuddles he now gets from his foster carer, Jenny. Milton has blossomed with love and attention. All he needs now is a permanent loving home with plenty of space. Here are his credentials: Friendly, good-natured dog – very eager to please. Castrated, micro chipped and vaccinated. Walks OK on lead, but sometimes pulls in eagerness. Good recall when off the lead. Travels OK in the car. So far responds well to reward based training, as he adores his food. Has cataracts in both eyes, but still able to run free. Probably hasn’t been socialized in the past, so needs careful introduction to other dogs. Currently lives in family with small female dog (they get on very well) and 2 cats (Milton sometimes chases more active cat when excited). If you would like to give this adorable dog his second chance in life, please contact Jenny on [email protected] or telephone 05 55 73 61 19 or 06 73 79 82 67. Milton is in Troche, Dep't 19. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.908016585892637.1073741963.494969540530679&type=1&l=518a5aa087
  3. Phoenix Appeal for SPOT (m) - born April 2014 Beautiful Spot was born to a feral mum, who brought him and his siblings to someone’s doorstep! Spot is still the most timid of the litter but with a gentle approach he quite enjoys a belly rub and fuss. He is very cute and really wants to be loved. Spot would benefit from being in a calm house. He is in La Tour Blanche, 24320 and is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped (250269606210678) Contact Caroline on 05 53 91 39 02 or email [email protected] Thank you The Phoenix Team For pictures of Spot go to www.phoenixasso.com www.facebook.com/PhoenixAssociationFrance
  4. Phoenix Appeal for FREDA - born April 2014 Sweet, dainty little angel Freda was born to a feral mum, who brought her and her siblings to someone’s doorstep! She was taken straight to Phoenix where she has received plenty of love and care, and she has been socialised well with dogs and cats. Her foster mum says she can be a bit shy and nervous with people at first but once she gains her confidence she is a little tinker and is the one who gets up onto and into everything she shouldn’t! She’s a bit of a heartbreaker! Freda is in La Tour Blanche, 24320. She is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped (250269606207881) Contact Caroline on 05 53 91 39 02 or email [email protected] Thank you The Phoenix Team For pictures of Freda go to www.phoenixasso.com www.facebook.com/PhoenixAssociationFrance
  5. Phoenix Appeal for Maisy - 5 month-old female kitten. Dear little Maisy is a striking kitten, but don’t let those big, soft, blue eyes fool you; she’s a cheeky little character! She had a bad start in life, being born to a stray mum, one who fortunately chose to give birth on a kindly person’s doorstep! One SOS call to Phoenix and a few days later, she was safely in our care. She is well socialised with people, dogs and cats and is happy, affectionate, confident and playful; give her a piece of string, her favourite toy, and she will ask for no more! Nobody seems to have fallen for her yet which we are surprised about as she is a perfect all-rounder and blue-eyed cats are quite rare. If little Maisy might have won your heart, please get in touch with foster mum, Caroline on 05 53 91 39 02 or email [email protected] Maisy is chipped (250269606208079), vaccinated and de-parasited and is near La Tour Blanche, 24320 To see pictures of Maisie go to Website: www.phoenixasso.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/PhoenixAssociationFrance
  6. Phoenix Appeal for Sparky - 5 month-old male kitten. If you’re looking to add some sparkle to your life, maybe you could consider adopting this little chap. Maybe “little” is not the right word, given that Sparky is actually the biggest of a litter of four! He had a bad start in life, being born to a stray mum, one who fortunately chose to give birth on a kindly person’s doorstep! One SOS call to Phoenix and a few days later, he was safely in our care. Attention-seeking Sparky is a charmer. He knows what he wants and he knows how to get it - his tricks include a bit of chat (ok, a lot of chat!) and rolling over for some belly rubs. Sparky is well socialised with people, dogs and cats, which makes him a perfect all-rounder. Not to mention, he’s pretty handsome too! If Sparky lights your fire, please get in touch with foster mum, Caroline on 05 53 91 39 02 or email [email protected] Sparky is chipped (250269606212103), vaccinated and de-parasited and is near La Tour Blanche, 24320 To see pictures of Sparky go to Website: www.phoenixasso.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/PhoenixAssociationFrance
  7. Phoenix is seeking foster homes for cats and kittens. Here at Phoenix our foster homes are full but there is a seemingly endless demand for us to take in cats and kittens. Therefore, we are seeking people who are interested in fostering, even if it’s for just one cat. Cost and resource restrictions mean you must be within 1.5 hours drive from Issac, 24400. If you are interested, please read on…… we thought it might help if we answered some common concerns about fostering for Phoenix: 1. I can't afford to foster. Will I need to cover all the vets' bills, flea treatment, food, transport, etc? No Foster Carer is ever expected to be out-of-pocket. Phoenix covers ALL fostering expenses, from food, to transport to flea treatments. You do have to be located within a reasonable distance from of the "Phoenix" vets with whom we have reduced rates, but they are widespread. You do not have to pay the vets' bills. You simply take the animal to be treated and then you leave. Phoenix covers the bill directly with the vet. 2. I don't know how my own animal will respond to a new animal in the house. Before you foster for Phoenix, you are required to complete a detailed application form, in which you list all family members and the ages and sex of your own animals, and whether they are neutered or not. You are asked to offer any additional information that you think is relevant. You can specify what age animals you would like to foster and you can decline to foster animals with, for example, medical conditions etc. You will only be asked to foster animals that suit you and your home. Should a fostering not work out, it is Phoenix's responsibility, not yours, to remove the animal from your care and find an alternative solution. 3. Does it mean I can't go on holiday? Would I need to take the animal to a boarding house? Phoenix expects that its Foster Carers take holidays. Advance notice is preferred so that alternative foster care may be arranged. It is Phoenix's responsibility, not yours, to provide holiday cover / accommodation for your foster animals. 4. What if the animal doesn't get re-homed? Will I have to keep it indefinitely? Nearly all Phoenix animals get re-homed eventually. Adoptions can take anything from a matter of days to a few months. You will be fully supported during this process. 5. Will I expected to do the advertising for my foster animal? No, Phoenix has a PR team whose role is to advertise the animals for re-homing. You will be expected to take photographs of your foster animal and to provide information in order that the Phoenix PR team can produce the advert text. 6. What happens if there is a problem with the animal, and I find that I can't cope? Phoenix Foster Carers are fully supported by the Foster Carer Coordinator. Phoenix is a close-knit team of volunteers and we support each other. There is always someone you can talk to and if the situation is such that you cannot cope, a solution will be offered. 7. I don't speak French Although it helps to speak French, it's not vital. There are plenty of French speakers at Phoenix who can assist you with all communications with vets and adopters. 8. I worry that I will become attached and not want to let the animal go. This is a common concern, and saying goodbye to your animal is hard. However, we believe that our pain at saying goodbye is a sacrifice worth making in order to save the animal's life. It does get easier, the more practised you become. Please ask if you'd like to speak to an existing Foster Carer about this concern. Please get in touch if you are interested. Email Lynda at [email protected] or call her on 05 53 81 30 44. Thank you, The Phoenix Team Website: www.phoenixasso.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/PhoenixAssociationFrance
  8. The Great Phoenix Book Fair, Saturday 18th October, Campsegret, 24140 Phoenix’s biggest fundraising event is coming around again soon, so please mark it in your diaries. The date is Saturday 18th October at the usual venue of the Salle Municipale, Campsegret, 24140. The doors will open at 09:00 for 30 mins exclusively for those with limited mobility, and then at 09:30 for everybody else. As usual, we will have thousands of books, CDS and DVDs on sale from only one euro each. It is always a good fun day, and a social event as much as a fundraising event, made even more special by the amazing catering team who will be putting on a spread of tasty food and drink. If you are a baker, cakes and savouries are always needed please. Please contact Russie on [email protected] or 05 53 58 69 26 to let her know what you intend to bring. This year, we will also have a jam and chutney bring-and-buy stall. Please bring your homemade jams and chutneys with you on the day. Mélanie, professional photographer, will be joining us again and will be taking photos of you, your family and / or your pets that will be emailed to you for a donation of only 5 euros each. Opportunities like this don't come around very often, so bring a comb and lipstick with you! ?For book donations, please contact Anne on [email protected] or 05 53 24 13 73. If you can help on the day, please contact Christine Korzaan on [email protected] We look forward to seeing you there. The Phoenix Team www.phoenixasso.com www.facebook.com/PhoenixAssociationFrance
  9. Phoenix Appeal for BESS - 4 month-old kitten needs a home. Bess is a friendly little girl, who was born in April to tabby-point siamese mum, Sissy, in the grounds of a hotel. Safely in Phoenix care, she is seeking a home. She’s a happy kitten who gets on well with other cats and humans. She adores fuss so if cuddles are your thing, she’s your girl! She has a inquisitive, impish side too and will no doubt bring a smile to your face! Bess is chipped (250268500709860) and vaccinated. Please contact Lynda at [email protected] or call 05 53 81 30 44 www.facebook.com/PhoenixAssociationFrance www.phoenixasso.com
  10. Phoenix’s KIM – 6 year old male Braque & Spaniel needs a home Kim is an extremely loving, gentle, calm and devoted sort of dog (adored by his Foster Carers and also by Phoenix’s President, who secretly has a very soft spot for him!). He was desperately unhappy at the SPA pound so was brought into foster care where he cheered up immensely & settled in incredibly quickly. He has a really super nature, is completely house trained & very loving. If you’d like a dog who will adore and love you and your family, Kim’s your boy! He’s great with dogs but not with cats! Kim has been waiting for a home for a few months now. He’s been overlooked and we cannot fathom why. Whoever owns Kim will be very lucky indeed. Kim is tattooed (2 GCB 867), vaccinated, castrated, wormed, tick & flea treated and weights about 19kg. If you are interested in meeting him or would like more information please contact Jackie & Andy on 05 53 52 06 23 or email [email protected]
  11. Only 10 days to go until YOUR Great Phoenix Coffee Morning. So far, 10 people have registered and will be holding coffee mornings on or around 13th August. It's simple. If you stop for coffee, why not invite some friends. By each person donating 5 euros to enjoy your coffee, cake and good company, you raise money for animals in need. Whether you invite 3 people or 30 people, it will all add up and make a real difference to animals such as Hermione, the homeless, starving and pregnant dog we rescued a few weeks ago who had all nine puppies in Phoenix care! We really need funds to be able to help animals such as these. Please see our special page on the website http://phoenixasso.com/?p=6594 for more details as well as downloadable invitations and suggested recipes. Don't forget to email Jane on [email protected] to register YOUR Great Phoenix Coffee Morning. Thank you to everyone who is taking part and to Deborah Smith who has already held hers with much success!
  12. Could Beautiful BENTLEY be your beau? Bentley’s mum was alone starving and was found by someone just 6 days before she had her litter of kittens. They contacted Phoenix, and we managed to find them a space. Bentley is 4 months old and is the last to be re-homed, possibly as amongst some people, black cats are considered to be unlucky. Nonsense, we say! Bentley is a handsome, friendly boy who is yearning to be out of the pen and into a home of his own. He is chipped (250268731139604), vaccinated and de-parasited. Please contact Lynda on [email protected] or telephone 05 53 81 30 44 See more photos of Bentley and our other cats for adoption at: www.phoenixasso.com www.facebook.com/PhoenixAssociationFrance
  13. YOUR Great Phoenix Coffee Morning - 13th August. We have a very new, special even to tell you about, and we would love for you all to take part. The idea is that en masse, no matter where we are in the world, we can make a big difference and raise funds for animals in need. It's very simple. The idea is that for those of us who are willing, we hold a coffee morning in our home and invite some friends and neighbours. As host / hostess, you provide the coffee and cake, although you could ask your guests to bring a cake if they want to. Each guests donates 5 euros to Phoenix and in return, they enjoy the event. We have created a special page on our website with full instructions. The link is below: http://phoenixasso.com/?p=6594 On this webpage are downloadable invitations that you can use, both in French and English. There are fun recipe suggestions, ideas for increasing funds raised and some practical advice for before and after the event. We thank everyone who will be taking part in this new fundraising scheme. If you're going to hold a coffee morning, please don't forget to tell us; all you need to do is email us at [email protected] or contact us at that address if you have any questions. Please note, if you can't make 13th August, but would like to take part, your coffee morning can be any day in August. Thank you, and best wishes, The Phoenix Team www.phoenixasso.com Enquiries about YOUR Great Phoenix Coffee Morning - [email protected]
  14. Phoenix Book & Bric-à-brac Sale, 15th August, Eymet Phoenix is returning to the Eymet Foire à Tout on 15th August and will be selling books from 50 cents each and bric-à-brac. The day happily coincides with the Eymet Wine & Oyster Festival, making it a really great day out. We’ll be there from 8am to 5pm and we’d love to see you. Please come and find us on the Phoenix stand. All enquiries please to [email protected]
  15. Yvonne Anderson is holding a back yard sale with proceeds going to Phoenix and Twilight. Sunday 3rd August at: 26 Avenue de Charles de Gaulle, St. Laurent Sur Gorre 87310 10.00 - 4.00 English books, Bric-a-Brac, Clothing and Textiles, Tombola and lots more on the day. Items gathered for sale so far range from a punch bag to a rocking horse! Dogs are welcome (as long as you bring a poo bag!) Yvonne says she hopes to see many of you there on the day, and please bring small change with you if possible. Yvonne also has enough books now so thank you, but NO donations of books on the day please. Donations of pet food, blankets etc very gratefully received. Come along and have a great day for a great cause.
  16. Thank you Sue. I hope this link works. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.841962249164738.1073741936.494969540530679&type=1&l=38b2762ed0
  17. MILTON – 6 year-old Border Collie Cross Milton was rescued from what can only be described as living hell by a brave Phoenix volunteer, Jenny. How anyone could neglect this sweet boy is beyond us, but now we’re focussing on helping Jenny find him a forever home that he so deserves. He’s a loving and loveable boy who is just happy now to be alive. Milton has cataracts in both eyes although it doesn’t seem to bother him too much! He runs freely off-lead and only occasionally bumps into a plant pot in the garden! He goes very much by his nose which of course is the primary sense for dogs. Milton is fine with children. He hasn’t been tested with really young kids, but there is no reason to believe he wouldn’t be ok with them. He seems fine with Jenny’s cat and is curious to say hello. However, the cat wants nothing to do with him, and hisses if he gets too close! He lives with another dog, and they get on well, but has taken a dislike to a neighbour’s dog, so the jury is still out on that one. He adores his walks and exercise, still pulls a little on the lead, but has greatly improved. He has good recall off-lead. He’s obedient and sits before crossing the road. Milton absolutely loves his food, and he loves to please, so reward-based training would work for him. He never used to want to come in the house, but is happy to now, albeit gingerly, but he feels more at home in the garage to sleep as he still doesn’t like being shut in the house. Milton is microchipped (250269801981239), vaccinated and neutered. If you would like to give this adorable dog his second chance in life, please contact Jenny on [email protected] or telephone 05 55 73 61 19 or 06 73 79 82 67. Milton is in Troche, Dep't 19
  18. Phoenix Coffee Morning & Table-top Sale - Wednesday 16th July, St Méard de Gurçon, 24610 At the Salle des Fêtes from 10am to 4pm. Please come along and help us raise money for animals in need. We can guarantee a good day out, as we have plenty on offer - tasty food and drink, a fun and friendly atmosphere, clothes and books for sale, and a corner to keep your children amused whilst you browse and chat! All enquiries please to Kate on [email protected] Website: www.phoenixasso.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/PhoenixAssociationFrance
  19. Phoenix Voluntary Fundraising Coordinator Required Are you passionate about the welfare of animals here in south west France? Are you full of ideas, get-up-and-go and would love to do something to help? If so, Phoenix (www.phoenixasso.com) is seeking a Fundraising Coordinator to motivate and support people who wish to carry out fundraising activity in northern Dordogne. The ideal person will be a self-starter, someone who is able to use the information and contacts that Phoenix will provide to ensure that our essential funds continue to roll in. This person doesn’t necessarily need to organise the events, but needs to ensure that we have enough people who “do”, that past successes are repeated and that new ideas are generated. For more information, or for an application form, please contact Sheelagh on [email protected] Closing date for applications is Friday 11th July.
  20. Dewey - special home required for 1 year-old Phoenix cat. We are urgently seeking a permanent home for Dewey, our beautiful Phoenix cat. Sadly, we have discovered that he carries the cat flu virus which he probably caught as a kitten before he was rescued by Phoenix. This means if he would ever become under stress, the symptoms may develop, which in his case, are watery eyes which would need daily treatment with drops or gel. Dewey could pass the virus on to any unvaccinated cats, and therefore, he can no longer stay in his Phoenix foster home as all of our carers have other, often as yet not fully-vaccinated, cats. Dewey is a friendly, very affectionate boy. His hobbies include chasing butterflies and sleeping in a sunny spot! A home with a cat-friendly dog would be fine. The virus is not transmittable to dogs. In consideration of a loving home, the adoption fee would be waived and Phoenix will also cover any on-going veterinary bills related to any future cat-flu symptoms. Dewey is in Landerrout Sur Segur, 33540. He is chipped (250268730219102), vaccinated and neutered. If you are interested in adopting him, please contact Lynda on [email protected] or 05 53 81 30 44
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