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Urgent Appeal for pony "Misty"

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MISTY - 20 year old pony - home needed URGENTLY!!
A kind and brave Phoenix team member, Jenny, was horrified to find out about a local shetland-type pony suffering from terrible neglect. Poor Misty had been found alone in a field with terrible curled up hooves. As she could hardly stand or walk, she spend most of her days just laying down, waiting for somebody to care.
Thankfully, Phoenix and ASHA were called on for help, and meanwhile Jenny did an amazing job in negotiating delicately with Misty's owners for permission to treat Misty.
A farrier was called out straight away and made Misty's life a little better by giving her hooves a good trim and issuing painkillers and medication.
As Misty's owners are ill and incapable of doing anything for her, we are now URGENTLY looking for a new home (we have the owner's permission to release her) where she will have people to care for her (she does have laminitis) and with other equines to keep her company.
Once bought as a pony for children, 20 year old Misty has been neglected for many years, but still has a very sweet temperament.
Who can offer this courageous girl a loving forever home?

Misty is in Pompadour, 87700. You will need to arrange transport to collect her please.
Please contact Patricia on 05 53 50 40 76 or email [email protected]

Thank you


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