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Forget Hillary and Obama, the election in my lil ol' village has been absolutely riveting.

Punch ups, threatening letters, police investigation, lovely!

The results are in tonight and ten of the eleven opposition candidates are in: the mayor of thirty years standing is out!!

Second round next week, perhaps the mayor will squeeze back in - although it remains to be seen whether he'll have the cods to show his face after this debacle.

One of the main issues was the proposed (for eons) golf and housing complex they want to build up around La Royale (montagne noire, north of Carcassonne). Not a cat in hell's chance of that going through now.

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Sorry Pads, forgot to reply.

Yes it's the same area.

There's nothing to say that it won't happen, just that there seems to be a huge effort (on the owners' part) to have it designated in a certain way.

The new mairie administration don't want it designated in this manner, essentially because it would leave them liable if the private enterprise were to collapse.

What will happen?

I dunno, it's all conjecture. But I wouldn't be purchasing any golf clubs any time soon. Not that I have any money. Or particularlly like golf.

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