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  1. Just checking on Flybe's site for flights to Brest from Manchester in October. Can't seem to find any. Not even listed as a destination on the 'online timetable' thing. Do they not fly there in the autumn/winter?
  2. Cheers everybody, for once things seem easier than I thought! [:D]
  3. Cheers SD. So, just to confirm, I could travel to the UK in the car without being stopped at the border (so to speak)? I just thought you might only be able to do that with some kind of trade plate arrangement. Would it be like having the tear off from a V5 whilst awaiting the new V5 from the DVLA? I wonder, hypothetically speaking, if I could register it in the UK without ever having registered it in my name in France?? I'm guessing the guy would need to sell it to me marked as 'for export' in that case? Sorry for all the questions, it's been forced on by personal circumstances and I'm just hastily reviewing my options.
  4. Okay so the title might not be all that clear... If I bought a used car privately in, say, Callais, and wanted to drive her more or less immediately back to the UK via the chunnel, what's the procedure? The reason I ask is that I live in the south of france and don't fancy driving all the way back down just to register the car in my dept, then drive all the way back up just to get back to the UK! I'm assuming the seller marks the CG 'for export'. Will they let me through customs? Will I be legal? Will my insurer (got a small car that I'm leaving here) insure me? Any info much appreciated except "why not fly?", "why not buy one down south?" etc please: suffice to say I have my reasons! Cheers.
  5. I'm not so sure about that, Sid. Granted, smaller classics aren't exactly crying out for conversions of this sort, but it's a safer drive and the French certainly don't like rhd cars, so resale value would most likely be improved. Obviously I wouldn't dream of doing this to a Ferrari, but an MG? Why not! I've seen one for a good price in France, rhd, and was just wondering how difficult it might be.
  6. Aloha. I'm trying to find information on a left hand drive conversion for a rhd mgb (rubber bumper model). So far I've come if with: Cowl, steering rack, er... [blink] Has anybody on here performed a conversion like this? Any MG experts? (I'm clueless, but I know a good mechanic!). Cheers, Steve.
  7. Give over, you're telling me that you've never copied a vinyl record to a tape that ended up at a mate's or family member's house? That's copyright infringement. I agree that copying films and selling them for profit should be prosecuted. But to me, theft is charging a fortune for a cheapo dvd that 80% of the time you wish you hadn't have bought in the first place. I won't play that game, I can't afford to play that game, and I'm fully prepared to face the consequences.
  8. I have a static IP address and all that malarkey for torrents. I think the occasional update for the livebox sets it back to dynamic, not sure. Go to portforward.com - it  walks you through it.
  9. If you're going to have a daft car, you could do worse than a Tuscan. Built in Blackpool, insane looking, not a Porsche/Ferrari etc. I had an imported Subaru in north Manchester (4 doors, big boot....). 2k a year third party insurance. Attempted theft every week I had it. It was eventually nicked from a secure car park and smashed to pieces - but not enough to write off! If someone only stole my dust covers I'd be pleased. It's all relative.
  10. They're one of those dogs that you buy on a whim, 'tis true! I think, for once, almost everything we had read about the race before picking her up became true. 1) She slobs after drinking, badly. 2) She hates being alone. 3) She's as strong as an ox. 4) She's excellent with children. Apparently they're good swimmers too, with slightly webbed toes, but she refuses to swim. Adores water, splashes around like mad. The swelling came around very suddenly at midnight. It was disconcerting to say the least. Eyes and mouth, but she was perfectly content throughout. We woke the vet up (for the second time - first time she had licked a toad, again at midnight...). He said it was a common reaction to an insect bite but to keep an eye out for breathing abnormalities, which is exactly what he said about the toad incident. "Perfectly normal, just bring her in if she starts, you know, dying". [:-))] So of course this entails staying up all night whilst she sleeps like a baby! Took well over 24 hours to get back to normal. I had pretty bad allergies as a child and often ended up with eyes swollen shut like that, grass fights on the way home from school didn't help, mother was so very proud. [:D]
  11. There was a post on here recently where a bloke imported a very modified vintage US car, lacking major safety features. He said he had lots of experience with this kind of thing and was certain there wouldn't be a problem registering it. You see Mustangs that used to be 6 cylinder cars with V8's fitted, and I'm sure there are plenty of other classics with replacement engines (Citroens etc) in France. I can't see there being a problem fitting a replacement engine as long as it's age and marque related. But always better to ask before your friend dives in at the deep end.
  12. Nah, we just had a good laugh about it and locked her in the cellar - in fact she's still there. You do think she'll be okay?? [:-))]
  13. I don't know what bit my poor Lola the other night but the rection wasn't pleasant. [IMG]http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h92/bonesey123/lolaeyes.jpg[/IMG]
  14. Reading a menu the other night. It described one dish as containing "muff of duck". [Www]
  15. Bones


    Not sure. But RDC (rez de chaussée) seems to be the term used most often to describe something on the ground floor. In fact I'm pretty sure that's correct.
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