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Forum slow down


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Is it just me (again) or is anyone else finding it:-

a) takes a long time to connect to livingfrance.com
b) then takes an age (OK, several minutes) to bring up the Forum
and c) if you want to post anything, it's an even longer wait whilst the message is being posted?

I am writing privately to our incredibly helpful Administrator but just wondered if others were suffering too. I note LF's local server provider (or something) was down for maintenance earlier in the week and maybe this is related?

Apologies for not being able to express myself too clearly, you're dealing with a technophobe I'm afraid.

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I haven't noticed anything like you describe - if there was a problem I would have expected to experience it having to connect using the worst aspects of the French rural phone system.

I find with another site that shows similar symptoms, if I am very firm with the mouse button and hold it down for a few seconds rather than just clicking it seems to help, or perhaps it's just psychological.
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How odd? Had I the time a couple of days ago I was thinking of congratulating the organisers on the increase in speed!! I have used it here at work a few times, but thats on a T1 leased line, but have also been using it from home on a 56k modem connecting at 44k with no significant difference.

Guess it must be the time of day and sheer luck? Must try the lottery again

George (Kent & Dept 72)
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