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  1. hi J Good luck with this, but just to say glyphosate can take 4 weeks before anything appears to be happenning and sometimes then another doseage required, but it probably is the best option for the borders because it will get into all parts of the plant, hopefully the bulblets too.  My guess is these things can just lie around dormant for years.      
  2. I haven't got around to sorting my 2 acres of grass in France yet, but in UK for a small garden I've used Evergreen Lawn Feed, Weed and Moss killer Complete, in a shaker with some success.  I suppose it depends on what sort of area you're talking about - would think others have ideas? Good luck[;-)]
  3. [quote user="Barbel Bob"] ......... I will use the glyphosate for the grass areas, does this come labelled glyphosate? .......[/quote] hi J Are you talking about a grass area with weeds in it - if so then DON'T - glyphosate will kill everything, including the grass.  I'm sure others will come back with a recommendation, but thought I ought to jump in here. (Unless I've totally misunderstood)   
  4. hi Jo I'm not an electrician, but am aware of an excellent book which will answer these and many more of your questions.  This is Amozon France link and I have seen it available in Leroy Merlin. http://www.amazon.fr/Linstallation-%C3%A9lectrique-Thierry-Gallauziaux/dp/2212114311/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1235384964&sr=1-1 This has been recommended many times via this and other forums and have to say even I was able to understand it and the drawings and start the rewiring process.[:)]  
  5. hi Martin Why not try this site, you can narrow down to a specific village/supermarket http://www.prix-carburants.gouv.fr/  
  6. [quote user="David"] Bugsy, I am not sure if your suggestion would suit my slides.  Your suggestion seems to be aimed at negatives, and negative strips.  My slides are individual transparent photos, not negatives, and they are surrounded by a cardboard frame. David [/quote] hi David I came across the same link as Bugsy, quite by accident and followed through to Product Features - not only is it USB it also works with mounted slides, the spec goes on to say 3 in a tray or 6 negatives in a tray - this is what I found:- " Bring back to life those old memories on old photographic formats. The Ion Film and Mounted Slide Scanner will scan your old 35mm slides and flims and allows you to edit them in Photo impressions software ready for printing, archiving and just viewing them on the big screen.The Ion FIlm and Slide scanner has multi-directional insert tray flaps and faster one touch scanning." I've no experience of the product, it suggests 5mp, so would have thought reasonable quality, but hope this is of some help.  
  7. I know prices are going to be changing rapidly at this time, but for info i've just received notification from Pixmania (UK) - a 1TB external drive for £79
  8. [quote user="Bilbo"]If your Gnome does not seem to be working, check that it has not set itself to a different channel from the digibox. I don't mean the programme itself but the Gnomes can use 4 different possible transmitting channels to overcome any interference problems. I have come across several people whose Gnomes appear to be dead for this reason. If you look in the book, it tells you how to overcome this problem. If you want to listen to music at good quality just connect your digibox straight to your hifi amplifier. Alternatively the little transmitter things that are sold to use with things like iPods can be connected to the digibox output. You can then use any FM radio to pick up the signal and thus listen to the radio channels elsewhere. Alternatively there are now some Internet radios available but they are a bit pricey at present. [/quote] Thanks Bilbo - I have tried all of the transmitting channels, it really is simply (and stupidly) turned down - I haven't tried one of those transmitter things though and for portable reasons that might just be a solution.  It was so nice to be able to take the Gnome upstairs in the morning with the tea!! - We discovered that it worked at something like 200mtrs from the Sky box - couldn't swap programs at that distance, but the sound was fine.  Not suggesting the house is that big you understand, just out in the garden.
  9. [quote user="Angela Bennett"] ..... Secondly, we are less than impressed by the sound quality. Spoken radio programmes are tolerable, which is fine as I mainly listen to BBC Radio 4, 5 and the World Service, but anything musical is quite painful and better avoided. Hope that helps a bit. Angela (83) [/quote] hi Angela I had exactly that problem and quite liked classical music which of course it ruined.  However after a drawn out process with Sky, insisting it was nowhere near a power source etc etc they eventually replaced mine and it worked fine.  In fact have to say I was very pleased with the replacement, but sadly I've now turned the sound down and can't get it back up again.  While fiddling with it I ended up turning it down so far it's now useless and of course there is no longer any support.  Inside is a sealed unit so unable to do anything at all. A great shame because it genuinely was very useful [:(]        
  10. http://www.oneforall-int.com/?pag=50 This link might answer a few questions
  11. hi Ernie.  I'm wrong again if we do it your way - you might think FDISK is a doddle, but I suggest many people don't and they also prefer to go with the manufacturers defaults.  I wouldn't call you a luddite either,  I understand where you're coming from on this. I too like the old days of dos and xtree etc.  I would love to be able to run the old operating systems and programs on a modern machine, it would run at lightening speed if it were indeed possible.  I don't have any argument with you Ernie, you obviously are comfortable with all this, but I suggest the majority of people wouldn't be.  Most are not happy to change a hard drive on their own and probably wouldn't wish to have an alternative array of storage available.  They see the benefits of bigger hard drives and happy to accept the more stable environment however it comes and that's how the likes of Dell etc supply their machines these days.  I might of course be wrong about this too.[;-)]    
  12. [quote user="ErnieY"][quote user="George"]Well one good thing about that last post is that there's no Fat32 - for XP it has to be NTFS.  Whilst XP can see Fat32 it needs to be NTFS for the operating system to run. [/quote]Sorry George but you're 100% wrong on this, XP runs perfectly under FAT32 ! [/quote] OK Ernie - You're right, though I'm not sure I would accept "perfectly" some of the securities don't work, which is one of the reasons the NTFS system was created for and the partition size is restricted.  Large file sizes for imaging is also an issue.  However, as we don't know when it was installed with probable smaller disk sizes a choice could have been made to run it on Fat32 - sorry John, a long day for me too. I believe that in newer installations, XP Home still allows the choice, XP Pro doesn't, but this might be due to the later service packs?    
  13. hi John Well one good thing about that last post is that there's no Fat32 - for XP it has to be NTFS.  Whilst XP can see Fat32 it needs to be NTFS for the operating system to run.  One other thought is perhaps the graphics card, seem to remember that was often an obscure issue for machines in our College.      
  14. [quote user="Hillsider"]......... I see some very nice, renovated 3 bed properties with say 1000 sq metres of nicely kept gardens for eg 169000 euro and I also see a similar sized property needing renovation with overgrown land asking 225000. Is there a format I am missing?[/quote] Ah but what about the potential!![;-)] Seriously though, is it any different in the UK? - adverts and pictures can't really tell the whole story.  One of the other things I noticed a few years back is that the standard of pictures and descriptions often don't do the property justice - it can of course be the other way around too. I understand your desire to get the basics sorted via the Internet, but it sounds like you already see the need to go and look.       
  15. [quote user="Hillsider"].........but as a constant browser of property sites i assure you the variation can be huge........[/quote] Just to offer another possibility.  When we were looking a few years back it was not uncommon for some agents never to update their web sites.  Some did, many didn't.  At that time we only found out by a few wasted journey's.  Things may of course have changed, I would hope so, but worth consideration.  
  16. [quote user="tuppence"] ........Nick Faldo is that he seems to lack any sort of charisma when addressing the press. He  nearly alway seems to be lost for words. Having just seen the state of play, I fear the Yanks are going to wipe the floor with Europe, then we can sit back and wait for the press to go Faldo-baiting. tuppence [/quote] I think I know what you mean, but my guess is he's trying to think twice before saying anything, as he knows whatever it is will get misused somehow.  Although a fan, the good thing was that Sky at least played Frank Sinatra singing My Way instead of him. Sad to say he will no doubt get a hounding, but the USA did play well - probably better than ever to win.  Some of our guys were misfiring a little, which no doubt he will be blamed for. All in all, although we lost, it really was a nail biting event and I think it good overall for the competition itself - another heavy defeat and they might have lost interest in it?  
  17. [quote user="JRs gone native"][quote user="jondeau"] .........To George and Belu, if you want any further information you can contact me by PM, I can assure you that after taking the counsel of several learned friends including a Notaire, Avocat, building company boss and a Hussier they all gave me the same advice, it was born out by the events that followed and hence not rubbish..[/quote][/quote] hi JR Many thanks to you and the others for taking time to reply. I have indeed sent you a PM to follow up. One further observation on the subject.  I relayed the story to the other contractor mentioned and he perfectly understood my concerns.  He didn't offer any advice, just to say get back to me when you have it sorted.  Which in hindsight is probably adding to my worries.    
  18. There's a guy works down the chip shop, swears he's Elvis [;-)]
  19. I can't answer the bit "....may not be 240v", however I am still tripping back and forth with my cordless drills and have no problems whatsoever.  I do though use a 2 or 4 gang adaptor with a french plug, as my charger is a little on the big side for those converters.  My earlier ones used to be ok though.  (as are our mobile phones, golf trolley battery chargers etc etc)  
  20. My UK book says semi-hardwood July-August, depending where you are I guess it's worth a try - the seasons are all over the place at the moment anyway.
  21. [quote user="jondeau"] I find it a bit difficult to understand the mentality of the people on this site........you seem to be obsessed with the idea that some tradesman will pursue you through the courts (and win ) for not turning up on time to do your job. It is a load of rubbish. For heavens sake.........if somebody does not turn up to do a job when they said they would........then you say goodbye. Simple as that,........or maybe somebody can quote me a legally binding judgement where a tardy builder gained from doing nothing [/quote] There's no doubt there's something to what you say and I sincerely hope nobody comes back with such an example. The simple fact is of course even though they could would they and I suppose that I was happily going along on the same lines until those suspicions arose. As I see it, my problem is do I take that risk and for something like 10k is it worth his time and damaged reputation (because even if he were in the right, word would get around).  It would cost him time and fees and likewise.  I have no reason to question the impartiality of the French legal system, but would I be confident.  Sad to say I wouldn't be that confident in the UK or I have to say with some of our "contractors"and perhaps it's this that makes me worry. I'm getting a bit long in the tooth to simply ignore these things. I hope Jondeau that you're right - I have been looking forward to moving away from all the stories of conmen and suchlike ripping off people here at this time.           
  22. I was trying to keep the above short and forgot to add that the devis he and I signed included, in his handwriting a start date and length of time he thought it would take. His services were recommended and we know for a fact that the emergency services are always calling on him - but during our recent exchanges he referred to ours being a second home etc etc to which I responded it always will be until I can finish the renovation.  He seemed to be understanding at that time and thought the matter was resolved.   
  23. I'm in a similar situation, after 2 years chasing my Roofer, I told him I was going to look for someone else.  I actually found someone, wrote (emailed) to the original who was very understanding.  Couple of emails exchanged where he wanted to be considered again before I finally made my mind up, to which I said I wanted a fixed start and finish date.  Also and in accordance with his devis what is the increase if any, according to the building index he quoted. He answered within 3 days saying he was sorry for the delay would have the answer by the end of the week.  A month later nothing.  Fearing possible loss of the other guy I wrote again referring to the lack of response and that I was going elsewhere.   Within a day or so, no mention of my latest email (or it's any of it's content in the reply) just a simple reply giving November/December start finish dates and 8% increase - at the moment. I wrote back to say sorry, but as per my last email it is too late and I have given the go ahead to the other contractor. That was just before August and presumably holidays.  Nothing since and now I'm extremely worried.  Suspicious, particularly in the light of the very latest ignoring my cancelling email.  Now, the chap is in fact a very nice person, his English is not good (his wife's is) and my French limited.  I've always sent both versions in case.  He helped me in getting permission for veluxes and I've helped him with some tech translated roofing sketches for his quotes.  However I now feel over a barrel, though no money is involved - I actually haven't as yet given the go ahead to the other chap, but do I simply wait and see what happens and how long can this go on for?  My inclination was to send a recorded letter, but perhaps I've shot myself in the foot brining up the subject of dates again.  - although the roof is not leaking I don't want to do too much more on the loft conversion until it has been done. Would appreciate any advice on the subject - my desired outcome would be to forget the original guy altogether, but concerned he will pursue a claim for loss of profit etc.  It may be that I'm doing him a dis-service and he's simply writing it off, not bothering anymore and why should he? [:(]  
  24. [quote user="Wilko"] Hi all Obviously I'm not keeping up with the times but why can't we watch world cup qualifiers on terrestial TV ????  I thought President Blair had guaranteed this in perpetuity for us footie wathchers..............there appear to be no highlights on terrestial either, as I write we have just CRUSHED the might of Andorra 2-0.......................... the Golden Age of English football. Who said that ?? Any highlights for the Croatia game ????...............anywhere. [/quote] Not sure it was a guarantee, though he might have implied it - apparently only home games could possibly apply.  According to Sunday papers negotiations are ongoing, but Setanta are pleased with the situation so not likely?
  25. Last time over I was in Leroy Merlin and noticed they had non slip sticky backed strips approx 1" wide specifically for stairs - there seemed to be different types, but at the time was more interested in the wooden staircases themselves. Fairly sure I've seen the something like it in a Screwfix catalogue recently.  I can't find it at the moment but they do also do some ribbed rubber matting which could be cut and stuck down if appropriate?    
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