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Session timeout - too short!


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As this is not a secure site, I am at a loss to know why sessions ever need to be timed out. Maybe this is something that could be removed entirely. Also since the inception of this new format a number of very valid problems have been raised with no apparent actions yet taken. I would have thought it has cost LF a great deal of money to set up the site and surely the designers should have had had enough time to rectified the faults.



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I think Will mentioned elsewhere that 'Forum Admin', James, is on holiday. He is the liaison between Archant and the company providing the site. (Although this software wasn't of his choosing as far as I know)

Sadly there is no users manual for mods to refer to, so I'm afraid we will have to be patient until FA returns next week.

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I would agree entirely.

Having wasted time on two postings, only to find that my connection had been terminated and had lost all of my input.

What have Living France / Archant achieved here which is better than the old Forum software?

We now have members pictures and some status attached to the number of postings - possibly in inverse proportion to the quality - but that is just my opionion.

The site is incredibly slow - and we have broadband.

I get the impression that Living France / Archant have bought a 'dog' with no real improvements over the old site.

The Control Panel / Contact Details now encourages the entry of an e-mail address in your signature - is this not against advertising?


Bob Clarke



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