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Steve Last

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In fact about the only thing in adequate type size on this page is the warning about unsoloicited advertising!! Everything else seems to be minute. Also I dislike all the fancy graphics add-ons which have actually made it a bit harder to do simple things like communicate, e.g. the little private message button at the bottom which is almost invisible. 

Sorry mr. system admin, but the key to improving a site is usability, that means adequate contrast between text and background and so forth. I do not want a miniature version of MS Word cluttering up the screen with all the fancy text formatting stuff. By definition forum messages are ephemeral, they will be read once by most people who see them and their appearance has NO lasting value whatever.  The HTML formatting needs additional code which simply adds to the time needed to get a messages in and out. Since many LF forum users may be in France with either no Broadband access in their area or spending insufficient time there to justify a subscription, please don't assume we are all going to spend ages formatting messages to look pretty.  As a matter of interest, have you analysed what proportion of messages make ANY use of the formatting tools now on show?

Thye only thing I DO want is a quick spell checker and I can't find that!!!! 



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