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Dick Smith

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I have just received an auto-message - text :


Living France Forums - Post Approved!


Hi Dicksmith,

This is an automated notification to inform your post has been approved and is now live within the forums. Please visit the link below to view or edit your post.


You are receiving this notification because you have posted to a moderated forum and your post was approved by Kazanton on 11/09/2004 10:50:01.

Thank you for posting to the forums.

Does this mean that all posts are now moderated, or am I (or this post) a special case?
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Yes, I get loads of e-mails telling me that a moderated post requires approval, then when I go to the appropriate place it tells me there are no posts awaiting approval. The reference above tells me that the post in question was in the TV, Internet, phone etc forum, and I have checked - it is not a moderated forum so there is no reason why Dicks's (or anybody else's) contributions should have to be approved.

Just another thing about the forum software that seems to do strange things

Incidentally, the only forums which have been set up as 'moderated' are those in the FAQs section; this is because they are intended to be a record of useful information, not a discussion place, so if any user has questions or comments on those subjects they should preferably be made in the general (i.e. non-FAQ) part of the forum.

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