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The Itchy Feet Tour


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I think that my current treatment will have finished by then (due to finish on 22nd, unless they tack on extra sessions) and so I would like to come along.  Bergerac is about 2.5 hours from me.  I need to see Greyman sometime and so I could combine it with that, Rose, if he is around?

It will be funny to see what you all look like. [Www]  I look like nothing like my Avatar as well...  Do I have time to go on a diet beforehand?

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Excellent - this is more like it [:D]

So Friday 25th March at the restaurant at La Brande... it's a date.

Maybe to get an idea of numbers, perhaps you could just drop me a line to say how many of you will come?  I'll ring and reserve a table for us.

Cathy - yes do combine the two... and we do have a couple of spare rooms if you want to stay over. [:D]

How very exciting


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This all sounds to be shaping up very nicely.[:)]  I will post on the regional boards just in case the title of this thread has meant that the meet has passed others by.

Is anybody willing to do the booking because although I know this all my fault [:$], I shall be travelling on the few days running up to this and so might be out of reach if there are last minute changes?  I'm happy to do it though if it's a bit much to ask.

GG, I'm so glad that you can make this as I know it's a long way for you.

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Thanks, Rose, you are a star in more ways than one.  I don't know how many will be with me - if my friend Barbara and her partner come along I'll let you know soonest, but one for sure.

GG, I hope that Just John is coming, and probably Greyman?


I shall also be in the Vendee on 21st, the Vienne on the 22nd and the Lot from the 29th so anybody who'd prefer to meet there is welcome to join me for a bite of lunch/dinner whenever.

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I expect to see JJ and britgirl next week and I shall tell them.

I'm one and I shall look at the time to get there etc.  Anyone minds if I bring the dog?  I shall, of course, check with the restaurant first.  If dog can come, then OH will probably come.  If not, then just me on my little own.

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[quote user="Cathy"]  It will be funny to see what you all look like.[:-))] I look like nothing like my Avatar as well...  Do I have time to go on a diet beforehand? [/quote]

I will be arriving in disguise, I don't really look like my avatar either, I've been told to say I'm on the C-food diet but it's not working!

Anyway looking forward to meeting y'all on such an auspicious occasion, put me down for just two places, I can't bring the dog cause I haven't got one[8-|]

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[quote user="Iceni"]

I realise that your mind is now fully occupied with Prestbury Park and all things equine but have you finalised your itinerary for the Lot leg of the tour?



[/quote]Oddly, it is a different kind of racing altogether which is affecting the last part of my tour.  I'd very much like to be at Ricard on 2nd April but it would be the first time I've gone to a race on my own so I'm a bit aprehensive, even though the circuit assures me it is wheelchair friendly - I've only done it with a press pass and 100% fitness before.  I'm trying to persuade the o/h to come down on the Friday and join me as nobody else I know is going.  Thus all is dependent upon that.

Whatever happens, I shall be down your way on the Wednesday/Thursday (30th).  The question still remains as to whether any other Lotions (Lotois?  Lotiens? Lotties?) want to join us for lunch, given that Erns is working and nobody else has "bitten" thus far.

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The lovely Rose has been galantly putting the work in on our Friday lunch (25thMarch).

The list of joiners so far  comprises:

Paul (PaulT) x 2
Garden girl x 2
Rose and greyman
Cathy is hoping to get there
Just John x 2

Les Favets 

and I think Sweet 17 - could be alone or with o/h and dog!

Have we forgotten anybody or is there anyone esle who thinks they'd like to come along?  Please let us know so Rose can finalise the booking.[:)]

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