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New Speedferries Frequent traveller tickets

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Frequent Traveller 10-Trip SuperVoucher™, £190 (introduction price)


  • 10 single or 5 return trips for a Standard car+5. (Lead passenger OR car must be used for all trips unless otherwise agreed with the SpeedFerries call centre).
  • Never any surcharges.
  • Valid for two years after purchase.
  • No fee when you (via our call centre) activate a ticket for a specific departure. 
  • £10 amendment fee if you later change a fixed reservation but NO change in the ticket price, even if you change to the most expensive peak summer sailings.
  • No restrictions on the duration of stay or sailing (subject to space availability).

I think that comes out a touch cheaper than the tunnel.


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We missed taking up this offer in 2005 but I see it's been extended.  Has anyone booked the 10-trip ticket in 2006?

When I tried to book this special ticket according to the instructions (by entering one-way trip for 25 December), a confirmation page came up with a single trip on Xmas Day 2006 at 38 £.  I'm reluctant to proceed further in case that trip is what I end up with!

Anyone already done this?

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Well, I just checked on their website. Booked as told, single ticket 25/12/2006, continue and next page shows several sailings over the consecutive days. In the centre is the one you want for 25/12, and it is clearly marked 10 ticket supervoucher. Continue, and up comes the price so far as £190.
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We bought the supasaver tickets last year on the dummy date of 25/12/05 and have recently booked a return trip for April 06.  Did this by email, adding 2 pets as well and have been sent the confirmation of booking all as expected.  No nasty surprises and no amendment fee (for the dogs), just the additional cost of the pets as you would expect.
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