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  1. Well that all went wrong then. Why can't I delete a post I have only just made?
  2. [quote user="Sunday Driver"]Clearly a bit of an over-reaction on the part of MAG...... [/quote]
  3. So, what's the latest on this? I see MAG in the UK are getting very hot under the collar over the proposals which THEY currently report as bikers to wear dayglow ban on filtering ban on all bikes over 7 years old from all urban areas.
  4. I have heard that this lack of requirement for bikes is to change shortly, anyone know more?
  5. Thanks all, I knew I should have looked further first.
  6. Officially, according to Astra, you need a larger dish for your area. The new freesat channels are on Astra 2D, which has a much smaller footprint on the earth, and it only really covers the UK. The further south you go in France, the larger the dish you need.
  7. There have been rumours that reflective helmet stickers are now required in France. Anyone have the detail, and how it might affect visiting  bikers?
  8. If you plan the route on Mappy www.mappy.fr and set the type of vehicle, it will give you the total tolls for the route.
  9. [quote user="LyndaandRichard"]Surely going at a constant 30mph has to use less fuel than going at a higher speed? The more work something does, the more energy it uses. Basic physics. [/quote] That also depends on which gear you have to use at 30mph/50kph. My car will only run in third gear at best at that speed. It is far more economic to run in 5th at 55mph.
  10. For any with Classic bikes en 2008, "le trofeo rosso" aura lieu les samedi 19 et dimanche 20 juillet, sur le circuit du vigeant au sud de poitiers.
  11. It all changes in the middle of this year as a new Loi Chatel has been passed, which as I understand it, requires the ISP to ask your permission to continue the contract.
  12. Sanef accept UK credit cards on their paper billing account, which costs €2 per month used, but if you want to do it cheaper, and have the electronic billing at €1 per month, then you have to have a French bank account.
  13. [quote user="Pierre ZFP"] You can use the Doofah (Télépéage Badge) in whatever car you like.  It's about the size of a mobile phone, just hold it up somewhere in the windscreen as you approach the barrier. Beep and you're through. [/quote] Just be aware that if you are in a car with an athermic windscreen, you have to place the transponder in the black dotted area around the rear view mirror, otherwise it is unlikely to work. These windscreens have a thin metallic layer in them to reflect the heat of the sun, but they also reflect the signal from the payage booths. You can recognise this type of screen by the purple reflections seen in it looking from the outside.
  14. Well, amazingly, today I actually got a reply from SF customer services, actually answering my email. This is a first. Quote:- We are currently experiencing booking errors on-line with regards to Supervouchers charging extra money.  Please call 0870 22 00570 to book your travel dates.  This a temporary error which is currently being looked into.
  15. Well, I can now give an update. After waiting all of 10 minutes to talk to a real person, they admit that there is a problem with their website (yet again). They allowed me to make my booking with the call centre, and graciously waived the call centre fee. I agree I have up to now had few problems with Speedferries, the most common one seems to be with their website. I have been delayed for a couple of hours on a couple of occasions though, and bumped off once when the ferry broke down. (But they refunded the fare and gave me a free return to use whenever I wanted in the next 12 months, so can't really complain).
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