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Orchid identification please?

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We get a load of different wild orchids in our garden and they are all beautiful.

This afternoon SWMBO ordered me to come and have a butchers at one we haven't seen before. It's one of the serapia family, but I have no idea which one. Not a plough share serapia, we get quite a few of those. This one is a lot smaller and stands about 5" high


Any ideas anyone?? [8-)]

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I'll see if I can do that a bit later today. I think it's too small and too pink to be a plough share, but a hybrid??

The soil here is brick hard, when dry which is a lot of the time, argile/calcaire and how anything grows in it is a mystery?

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but a hybrid ?? Was that I am not sure?[8-)]

Do you know if orchids cross with other types, because the plough share is the only serapia we have in the garden?

Edit : -  This is one of the plough share jobbies that we normally see


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Hi Jon,

Try Serapias lingua (Tongue Orchid) - go http://www.tela-botanica.org/bdtfx-nn-73975-synthese

Or S. parviflora (Small-flowered Tongue Orchid) - go http://www.tela-botanica.org/bdtfx-nn-63203-synthese

And yes, according to Wild Flowers of the Mediterranean, Blamey & Grey-Wilson, these two hybridise readily.

P.s  Here's a comprehensive French orchid identification site: http://perso.numericable.fr/~durbphil/Ouv2&Listalpha&Pres/sitorchidouv2.htm

S. lingua is here:  http://perso.numericable.fr/~durbphil/F_NeoTraunSera/Slingua.htm



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