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  1. [quote user="Loiseau"]Here they all are, as a refresher: https://fr.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panneau_de_signalisation_routière_de_priorité_en_France <snip>[/quote] And don't forget: "La priorité à droite est le régime qui s’applique en l’absence de signalisation. On ne signale donc que les intersections qui offrent un caractère dangereux, soit par l'importance ou par la nature de la circulation qui les fréquente, soit par la disposition des lieux". Drive defensively out there.  This is France, remember  ... [;-)]
  2. Under the statuts du Parti socialiste français, M. Peillon should have paid over to the party a part of the indemnité that he received as a eurodeputé. You may consider this to be a backdoor way of using public funds to finance a particular political party. "I could not possibly comment ..."
  3. Hi Mogs, I see that oaks are (one of the many) larval food plants for Winter Moth, so Winter Moth they probably are. You'll have to a take a photo the next time you get infested :-).  Do they look like this ?  Dunno how long they'll 'hang around' for ... http://www.gardenfocused.co.uk/images/pests/winter-moth/caterpillar.jpg Craig
  4. Yep, as Andy's post:  the most likely candidate is Winter Moth. Other candidates include certain species of sawfly and also other moths, such as Oak Tortrix Moth.  Have a look at the species of tree they're dangling from - that might help identify them. Craig
  5. I agree that these days, a silicone bed could well be the way to go.  So this is really just for info: The glass should be held in with clips or springs, Ian. See if this link works: http://media.wiley.com/Lux/30/82730.image16.jpg?h=400&w=535 However, these clips are often missing, as I think you've just found out.  Unfortunately, they are often of a proprietary nature which means that if over the years they rust out or snap, they don't get replaced ... Also, try to use a metal glazing putty, not a timber or 'all purpose' putty.  These latter normally contain linseed oil which won't work with metal casements (the oil doesn't get absorbed and starts bleeding out, and then the putty fails).  Trouble is, metal glazing putty can be hard to find, especially in small quantities. It must be over-painted, too. P.s  And if you want to do the job properly, don't forget to paint the glass rebates while you're there.  Otherwise you risk them rusting and, 'Crack!!' That's the glass gone!
  6. Hi Charlie, Maybe I'm being thick here, but if the bike's going into store in the UK, why can't you simply buy a UK storage policy - thru someone like Carole Nash for instance, if they still do them. (And now part of Groupama, itself a French company). That way you would retain a continuous insurance record which you could produce to reactivate your on-road insurance when back in France. HTH Craig RGS Corsa owner
  7. [quote user="AnOther"]Both posts by ventodue contain disinformation ![/quote] Thank you to AnOther for clarifying certain nuances in what I wrote, none of which I would contest.  The only minor correction I should offer, however, because it is relevant to the OP's question, is: [quote user="AnOther"]Legally a French resident is not permitted to purchase <snip> a non French registered vehicle.[/quote] Hmm.  Not quite.  A French resident may PURCHASE a non-French registered vehicle.  What he/she is NOT permitted to do is to to drive it on foreign plates, notwithstanding the behaviour of certain of your French neighbours, Angie.
  8. [quote user="You can call me Betty"] <snip>If you sell a UK registered car or van and the vehicle isn't in the UK, presumably the sale will still have to go through the DVLA and if so, to all intents and purposes, it'll STILL be registered in the UK. [/quote] No, it's relatively painless.  When you sell the vehicle, you hand over the V5C to the new owner and declare the vehicle to the DVLA as being  'Permanently exported'.  They take it off their 'live' database.  Then, when the new owner applies to re-register it here, he hands over the old V5C to the French authorities.  They make a check with the DVLA that the vehicle is no longer 'live' in the UK and 'Bob's Your Uncle'  ... Craig
  9. Hi Angie, 1.  First off, as Andy says, if you are French resident*, then you had one month from the date you imported the van to re-register it here in France.  As you didn't, you can now cop a fine of 135€. Go: https://www.service-public.fr/particuliers/vosdroits/F1050 2.  If you are UK resident, then you can use the vehicle here on UK plates, normally for a period of up to 6 months but in any event not for more than 12, provided you continue to comply with UK statutory requirements (tax, MOT) and whatever your insurance policy says. Afterwards, you can sell it on to a French resident.  To do so, you would have to make the necessary declaration to the DVLC that the vehicle had been permanently exported.  And your buyer would have to go thru the necessary steps to get it re-registered here: VAT clearance, technical conformity, CT, etc. * Note: this applies to all French residents, not just to French nationals.  Andy's post may be read to imply otherwise. HTH Craig
  10. Curiously, taping the paint name into Tinternet, I come across this thread on a Leroy Merlin forum.  This time, tho', it's people complaining about the paint going off too quick! So, is there a problem with the formulation of this stuff?  Could be ... http://communaute.leroymerlin.fr/t5/Satisfait-Pas-satisfait-Dites-le/Peinture-Glyc%C3%A9ro-V33-mat-professionnel-en-10L/td-p/229704
  11. It was, John, it was .... Actually, I'm still trying to work out how I could have been so dumb .  But keep that between you and me, will you? Craig
  12. My, am I the Stupid One! Sorry John, and thanks to everyone else for pointing out my foolishness: yes, of course it's a Chaffinch, Fringilla coelebs, Fr. Pinson des arbres. Duh! Apologies again! [Ever overthink things? Yeah, well, happens ... :-)) ]
  13. Wow ! This is a good one, John! It’s a sub-adult of either Siskin, Carduelis spinus, Fr. Tarin des aulnes; or of Citril Finch, Serinus citronella, Fr. Venturon montagnard. 1. First off, it’s a finch, not a warbler - bill shape and size tell us that. 2. By the colouration, it’s one of the green finches. But the wing bars rule out Greenfinch. 3. So that leaves us with either Siskin or Citril Finch. These two species are very similar - both have double wing-bars, for example, more or less yellow according to the sex and the time of year. But which? To be honest, I’m not sure. It doesn’t help that your bird hasn’t yet put on full adult dress. 1. Against Citril Finch is the fact that Citril Finch is really a bird of the mountains - viz. the French name - from where it doesn’t move much. Nearest typical habitat to you would be the Pyrenees or the Montage Noire. That’s not to say one couldn’t turn up in the plains, but it would be unusual. 2. Against Siskin is that your bird shows very little belly streaking. Even the juveniles have this and it’s retained into adulthood. Your bird does have some light streaking, but it’s on the back; but this is right for Citril. Sub-adult Siskin should also show something of a pale supercilium - I can’t see anything on yours. For a first year bird, the sides of the face should also typically be browner, rather than grey. However, confusingly, female Siskins tend to go greyer around the face in the winter. So no great clue there! 3. For Citril Finch is the tail which is quite long - Siskin is relatively short. 4. For Siskin is the pale area at the base of the primaries (I think that's where it is ...). I can't find any references to this showing in Citril. So, conclusion: Err, not sure! Craig
  14. "La valise ou le cercueil..." was the choice offered to the pieds-noirs by certain Algerian nationalists. The first pieds-noirs who chose the valise rather than cercueil were classified as 'vacanciers' by the government when they arrived here. Most arrived with nothing, having been forced to leave all their worldly goods behind. Even their official papers, such as birth and marriage certificates, so important to do anything in France, were left in the ownership of the Algerian government. So they debarked with nothing, not even proof of identity or qualification, into a society which classed them as rich, pampered racists - even if most of them were actually simply 'bakers, butchers and candle-stick makers'. But, with the possible exception of the Harkis, no-one comes out well of the story. Not the pieds-noirs, not the French government, not the French army, not the French people, not the Algerian nationalists nor their government. No wonder France still has troubles dealing with it.
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