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A French language challenge for all


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This, I believe is from america, and couldn't one say:

'I woke up one day and realised that I too had to consider/do something about social issues?

So using that odd idea, wouldn't  'reveille' do in french?

It would sound wrong, but 'woke' does to my english ear without playing with it and trying to make some original sense of it.

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To slip sideways, I see that Mr. Potatohead has now been desexed, thus there is now a Mrs Potatohead. Somehow I rather feel that the female of the species might rather want to take up arms if called potatohead.

But what about the other lot, Gay Potatohead, Transsexual Potatohead. If a Potatohead is transitioning to female, will the eyes be removed, so to speak. Should t the word eyes be changed as it might be offensive to those who are visually impaired. Will you be able to get an eye dog for potatoes.......? The madness goes on.
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