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Book recommendation (again)


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Back in the spring when we were discussing, I think the Olive Farm, someone mentioned Dirk Bogarde's, A Short Walk from Harrods, I recall so clearly they wrote, "I was in tears when I got to the bit where he had to leave France". Strange how some phrases just stick in the memory. We've had a copy on our book shelves for ten years but I only picked it up yesterday, and discovered it was unputdownable.

If you enjoy Englishman-in-France tales, you'll absolutely love this. He also writes with such beauty and skill. Highly recommended.


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>Back in the spring when we
>were discussing, I think the
>Olive Farm, someone mentioned Dirk
>Bogarde's, A Short Walk from
>Harrods, I recall so clearly
>they wrote, "I was in
>tears when I got to
>the bit where he had
>to leave France". Strange
>how some phrases just stick
>in the memory. We've
>had a copy on our
>book shelves for ten years
>but I only picked it
>up yesterday, and discovered it
>was unputdownable.
Yes, I've always been a great DB fan - watched all his films several times and read the whole set of books long before planning our move to France.

Loved a Short walk from Harrods but, as a gardener, I always think of DB's partner whenever I'm asked to use pesticides on people's rose-bushes!! He seemed to spend hours spraying his roses - I think he was obsessive about them - which probably led to his terminal illness (this may have been written about in an earlier book). So be warned folks!!


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I can remember seeing the recommendation for The Olive Farm a while back and thinking Yawn, Yawn another 'Year in Provence' type tale. In England last week I picked up a copy (unopened by the look of it) in a charity shop and I have really enjoyed it. A bit sentimental for my taste but a jolly good read.

Next time I get to a charity shop (what a treat!) I'll be looking out for Dirk Bogarde too. I think I have heard it on a Book at Bed Time or some radio programme like that.

Liz (29)
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