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Les Mis/Love,actually!


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Watched a lovely(probably old) documenatary on 'Les Miserables' tonight on the Performance channel on Sky, and it brought back all the memories of how I used to sing along to the soundtrack when I was 19, and when I went to see it, and was totally blown away. Fantastic musical, have the book, but haven't quite made it through yet!
Also, totally unrelated. went to see 'Love,Actually' this week. I loved it, and wondered if anyone else had seen it. The bit with the boy in the airport at the end(not giving anything away) had tears running down my cheeks. Not strictly French I know, but some of it was set in France. Was it set in Provence or Marsailles(the bits with Colin Firth?) It was hard to tell as the families were Portugese!
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