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Mid 70's French singers

Jill<br><br>Jill (99)

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I have heard trailed on BBC Radio 4 a programme about french pop music, next Tuesday at about 13 30 I think. It may shed light on the subject. My 'era' is a litle earlier than yours so these names are unknown to me!

Liz (29)
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Gerard Lenorman was on French TV recently.
We actually saw him perform at a village fete near Loches about 6 years ago. He added an unscheduled song, for an english schoolgirl who had been studying his records as part of her school-work. Seems like a teacher somewhere was also in France in the mid 70's.
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Oh, this rings such a chord. My 'time in France' was in the 70's.
I loved Gerard Lenorman. Also Julian Clerc (sp?) My x-husband took all our music when he left, even the stuff, like this, of no interest to him. (They were on cassette)

By the way, does anyone know a song, from the 70's
It went...'Bien Sur, c'est difficile, mourire quand ont a juste vingt ans, blah, blah blah, ... Les cerises de Monsieur Clement'.

A bit of a long shot, but it made a big impression on me years ago; regularly goes through my head. Well, those 2 lines! I just wondered if anyone out there knew it. I've no idea of the singer I'm afraid.

All the best to those 70's (french) music fans out there.

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