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1-2-3 Shave!


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But how Ferry can say that for muslims a beard is an unacceptable religious symbol but that sikhs can wear caps to cover their (uncut because of their religion) hair is totally beyond me. And does this mean Sikhs don't have to shave? Then the MP who says that pupils are young boys and don't have beards has obviously never set foot in a lyce (or even less a LEP)

This is going to be fun to implement. This pupil has a beard/ bandana because he/she wants to so I let them, but this other pupil has one because of their religion so I ban it.

I thought the basic idea was that we shouldn't be able to tell a pupil's religion by looking at them (that was OK by me) but now it's got to the point that we have to go out of our way to find out their religion before deciding what they can or can't wear.
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>LOL, when I read something on
>a Muslim forum this morning
>along the lines of "first
>it's the veil, what'll it
>be next, beards?" I thought
>they were being a bit
>But it's true!
>What a thorny fishkettle this is
>turning out to be.


We had the demonstrations here in London last weekend as well.

The main speaker said the headscarf was not a religious thing but a fashion, cultural thing. My question to her was - what other society allows men to dictate what women must wear and what fashion kids should follow. It makes no sense to say it is fashion - so what is it truly for? I am a strong believer in 'when in rome'.

I saw a news item yesterday which said that the Afgan television station had been bombarded with protest calls after they showed a 20 year old video of a women singer without her headscarf! From now on only head-scarfed women are to be allowed to appear on Afgan TV. What was that war about - much was made of getting girls educated and free? How can a headscarf be a fashion if you are not allowed in public without it?

What next - who knows. Why don't the french have compulsory school uniform, say jeans and trainers then the EU will have less chance of making them reverse their new headscarf rule. Russia and Germany have both tried to ban the headscarf but were made to back down.

Oh well.

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The French Government are taking the whole thing too far. I'm beginning to prefer Tony Blair! No, not really - but I cannot see what harm is done with people having scarves or beards IF THEY CHOOSE TO. I still believe that a lot of it is imposed. However, as long as no one is turning round to people saying "you must join my religion as it is better" I don't see what harm is done. Let's have tolerance!

Jill (99)
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So if beards are banned, we should get rid of dodgy Brit tradesmen and George East at a stroke (not to mention certain people who publish their pictures at Total France)

Will (50) - rushing off to have a shave and to put his prejudice back in the box after this brief airing

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