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A film with Alain Chabat and Gerard Depardieu, it's gonna be a cracker, right?

Damp squib, more like! A few funny bits, bien sur, that will go into our household language (the guerissologue, tusked ducklings, l'age de Pierre) but it was more like an overlong sketch.

Compared to Astrix Mission Clopatre (the best film ever in the whole history of the universe, have I mentioned it before?), well, que dirais-je..... RATE!

On the other hand, there are many worse ways to spend 90 minutes. And yet on the third hand, there are also many cheaper ways to spend 90 minutes.

The wise man will wait to rent the DVD, Glass-hoppa, and not spend 8.50 euros on getting into the cinema

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>Compared to Astrix Mission Clopatre (the
>best film ever in the
>whole history of the universe,
>have I mentioned it before?)

I think you may have done (once or twice) but I personally didn't take you that seriously before! Wish someone could explain what I'm missing in Asterix

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