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Difference between French and American sexual/romance culture


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Would like someone that understand both cultures to answer

or understand difference between french and other culture.


Its well know that American women have a reputation for

being difficult, they have been said to be in general are more uptight, more

attitude, less feminine, less opened, and less friendly.  Puritianism was blame for this.  Pretty much American girls have been

taught/brainswashed to fear being label whore and all kinds of other stuff.  So they repress their sexuality like hell.




And European women have been said to be the opposite more or

less to all these traits. 


For French girls:


1.I heard they separate love and sex.  That if they like someone sexually, they

would feel freer to engage in sexuality. The society doesn’t penalize women for

casual sex does it?



2. French girls are less like to play mind game and reject

natural instincts than American girls. There been a book I came across that

talks about how American women are so fake that they reject natural feminine

instincts which I find uneasing.  Mind

games to me is about fakeness, a girl like someone but she repress her interest

and stubbornly wait and/or practice giving mixed signals.


Are French girls more natural and genuine that if they like

a boy they just expresses it, no fakeness, they don’t do mind games much do



3. Do you think French girls in general are more friendly

and more open than American girls?



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Interesting post for a first post... [:'(]

Although no doubt there might be people here who would try and muse over your points, it might be more illuminating for you to pose your questions on a forum which is dominated by French natives, and American natives. Given that this here forum is populated mainly (but not exclusively) by British people, perhaps you are a little off target.  It all depends on your motivation for joining this forum with such a specific agenda...

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I have been traveling around and working with both American and French girls/ladies.

What I can notice there is a big difference between the way of thinking, we can't forget that french are latins as well. I am not refering about the term "latin" that the americans use to say that people are from mexico or spain. I am talking about people who use languages that came from latin - the real latins. If you look at italians, spanish, portuguese, french, they are more or less alike, they enjoy relationships for itself, and americans want to get married. They (americans) start relationships thinking about marriage.

Of course I am generalizatin a lot here, but this is my point of view. In a relationship, americans went to familie's house for holidays, french like to go for a romantic trip. People is just different.

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