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Permis d'exploitation pour les loueurs de chambres d'hôtes


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Surely chambres d'hotes really only have to provide one meal for the 'company' they have, I really believed that that was how it worked.

Has it really changed so much??? as one could end up making six different meals for six different guests if they won't eat the food that the host intended making and WHY would anyone ever do that running a chambre d'hote?????

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I don't run a chambre d'hôtes but I do, apparently have a weird group of friends in France. A couple of years ago we threw a biggish party and among the assembled guests:

Five didn't eat dairy

Two were gluten free

Two were vegetarian

One had a seafood allergy

Two didn't eat spicy food

Which accounted for about 30% of the total guest list.

I made a buffet and let 'em get on with it.

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The rules are quite clear on Table D'hote in that your guests get what you decided to eat that night. You cannot offer any form of choice, you can't sit them at separate tables, you have to all sit at the same table including the host. Any variance on this makes you a restaurant and not only do you require the appropriate licence but you must abide by the regulations applicable to restaurants and can have a surprise inspection at any time. Not to mention you need a separate kitchen and everything used by the guests must be separate from yours i.e. plates, knives, glasses etc, etc. It does of course all go back to the origins of CdH and TdH.


Idun is right, basically they either eat what you are eating or don't eat at all and go out to eat. If we have vegetarians then we cook a vegetarian meal for everyone. If we have people with gluten problems everyone eats sans gluten. There are many excellent substitutes you can use and my experience is that 99% of the 'normal' people don't even know they are eating a sans gluten meal. Those with the gluten problem simply don't eat the bread although can now get very good sans gluten bread which again you would never know it was sans gluten. Nuts is not a problem because we don't use them. You just have to be careful when you buy as it is quite amazing what has gluten and/or nuts in when it comes to 'normal' food.


With the current increase in problems between hotels and CdH it pays to be even more careful when it comes to sticking to the rules. At least two CdH's near us have been 'done' and they have been denounced by a certain hotelier who happens to also be the mayor of our nearest town.

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I sometimes wonder how I would react if I were on holiday and was given anything other than 'normal' food, me being an omnivore.

I would love to do a blind tasting test for all these alternative foods, because I am very very fussy and I do believe that I have a palate that could detect things not being as usual........ however, I am too radin to buy these things to try.

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