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Help needed re rental agreement!


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I need a rental agreement for a house we are going to rent in France.  The owners are back in the UK, but don't speak French so we raellly just want something simple that covers our needs - there is no time limit on the rent and we are not paying a deposit.  There is some furniture in the house butit's just stuff they don't want any more so are not bothered about it.

Can anyone help, please?

Thanks, Sandra

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Hi Sandra,

I think it's normally the owner who would provide the contract but I don't suppose it matters if you do it. We got ours from our local tabac. It looks complicated but isn't really - a standard 3 year let. I would suggest you fill in the two copies, sign them and then send them off to the owners with a translation sheet attached, so they can sign both copies, retain one, and send the other back to you. You are right to do this despite the relaxed owners - you never know and it is best to have a contract just in case.


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