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Yes I would go for  "Je vois flou" or "J'ai la vue brouillee"... But the ophthalmologue whould understand both.

I did go to my ophthalmo yesterday actually, and was trying to tell him about my loss of peripheral vision - which I translated by "vision peripherale" - WRONG. It is "vision peripherique" in French!

French can be very tricky. It is like "diversion" for "deviation"....

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French can be very tricky says 5-e.

You're not joking.  People in the village and Madame le Medecin tell me that my neighbour (the one whom I suspect of wife-beating) is "très spécial".  I reckon that, when it comes to euphemisms, the French beat the Brits hands down.

Spécial, indeed, when we would call him a "nut case" at the very least.

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I was thinking that the goddess label is sometimes attributed by someone just doesn't want to do the godessy thing and is happy to leave it to the expert. For instance, if you were called a domestic goddess, that would be by someone who is not interested in the hoovering or in cleaning up the fridge, right, but who is flattering you and thereby hoping that you will continue with your goddess duties??? Someone who might be your nearest and dearest?

At this point, it is nothing to do with Norman anymore, who was merely complimenting us just for being native French speakers.[;-)]

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[quote user="NormanH"]I would also have said 'je vois flou'..
But 5 e and Claire  are the goddesses of French along with Frenchie..
[/quote]Yes, and have you noticed, they never need any help with their English?

Goddess is one of those words which men are sometimes known to use about women but which they rarely, if ever, use about their own sex.

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Well, it was all academic.

We were greeted with "Would you prefer that we speak in English or French?" Turns out that his daughter lives in Brighton & SIL is an American. Visits the UK regularly.

Absolutely charming man (well for OH anyway!!), very professional diagnosis, all sorted.

By the way, we both speak French most of the time (even to each other!), but when it comes to medical matters, it can be difficult sometimes. It's good if the practitioner has more than a passing grasp of English, which they often do.

TVM everybody. (but at least we know what 'blurred vision' is in French now for social purposes!)

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shame you forgot to ask him how he would say it in French! Nothing like a free lesson...

Both 'j'ai la vue brouillée' (ma vue est brouillée) and 'je vois flou' would be fine in my humble book. Hope the results of examination were good. Bonne chance.

So often, in any language, there are many different ways of saying the same thing - and that is great, non?

Remember listening to 3 little girls from my cubicle at swimming pool years ago. They were scrapping because they were accusing their respective teachers of being wrong. One had taught class to say 'comment tu t'appelles?' - another 'comment t'appelles-tu?' and the 3rd 'tu t'appelles comment?' - and it was like ww3. Managed to convince them all 3 were fine and correct, no prob. xx

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No Swissie, it never occurred to us to ask him.

As with many, if not most, medical practitioners here, he spoke very good English. Our French is fine, but it's always best to be prepared, hence the thread.

This gentleman was operating an almost 'production line' of patients: half a dozen in the waiting room at any one time, but each going in for an initial diagnosis, then drops, then something else, etc. Add to that an industrial accident bandaged to hell, sent on from the hospital & you get the drift. No short-changing with OH though.

We were referred by our GP, who had to twist his Sec's arm for him to see OH.  Full house of clients. GP says that he'll be retiring soon & the world will come to an end ................[blink] Probably not.  

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