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  1. I'd do exactly what your described Woolie - great for crumbles, pies etc. Must say the plum chutney sounds good too - so maybe a bit of both. What about plum and banana chutney?[:P] Here I am trying not to bottle up sour grapes.[:D]
  2. Swissie

    Tooth abscess

    With tar DG?  Sweet hope you get to see the dentist tomorrow and make a decision re. appropriate treatment, so you can get on your way without pain or worries and a big  [:D] xx
  3. Swissie

    Tooth abscess

    aarrgghhh Sweet - I am so sorry, If I were you I'd definitely visit the dentist again to check and ask her/his advice. Toothache can be so terrible and debilitating. Hope you can get it all sorted out before you go (when I had a problem, our dentist gave me a mouth wash called 'corseodyl- I was NOT amused). Bonne chance xx (please check your e-mail/merci).
  4. It was quite a while ago, but I can remember him saying he had been a fan of the bullfights for over 50 years.
  5. Principal Quillan, your English fails you. Never heard of him or met him so I have no idea how he could have heard of me - I am perfectly aware that anybody who wanted to find out who I am could easily do so - but why they would want to, truly beats me! It would not take a genious at all. Been asking questions then? All our neighbours are armed police officers and work day and night, thank you. Your post is truly unpleasant and is surely meant to intimidate and as such, again, would not fit in well with the Code of Conduct, sadly.
  6. [quote user="Quillan"][quote user="Swissie"]In which case why not just shut down the Forum [/quote] Because the forum is for English speaking people who either live in France, have a holiday home there (not Switzerland, theres a specific forum for them http://www.englishforum.ch/ - I expect your a member anyway) or have a love of France. [/quote] What a very nice man! I checked the forum rules- there is something about all sorts of things this above Post seems to breach - but no, can't find the above criteria in the rules. I am British and Swiss, part French and Hugenot by descent - lived in the UK for nearly 40 years, still have a home there, my children, grand-children and so many friends - and hey ho, I DO speak English (with a funny accent!) - I have lived and worked in France, spend much time there with French friends and taught French culture and politics in a 6th Form - go to France practically everyday - but yes, I do apologize, my house is 400 metres from the French border. I hate to boast, but I do wonder how many people here speak French as well as I speak English, somehow? Your reply has nothing to do with my comment - which was that many people do ask questions here on the forum, instead of Googling, for whatever reason, and wherever they live- and that it is definitely one of the very points of taking part in a Forum- and clearly NOT against the rules Q. Gosh - I think my blood pressure might have risen a bit there.  [:P] Off to France to listen to a great concert, with our French friends playing guitar, accordeon and keyboard. Just come back from a Fete du Terroir, just round the corner - you've guessed it, in beautiful France, which we love, of course. A bon entendeur... salut.
  7. In which case why not just shut down the Forum - most things can be Googled after all. Somebody mentions Diwali - it brings back happy memories of great times had with my students - and I wonder- when is it this year? How that makes me cantankerous, I just do not know! Thanks for the info - we won't be there, sadly. I did notice the smilie... I wonder how long it takes to shed the past??[:)] My thoughts recently are for all our great Muslim friends- with Ramadan being earlier and earlier, and with this heat, the days must seems so long and almost unbearable. Salam alekum.
  8. In Leicester we had fabulous Diwali festivals - what are the dates for this year?
  9. Aaaaatschoum!   xx LOL
  10. GGGGRRRRRRRRRR      LOL  gg I have a friend who is a librarian there! amazing place.
  11. Whenever this has happened with us,  it has been a clear 'thank you' for letting them pass.
  12. Lavender is great , but sadly many think it is no maintenance, and within a few years, plants are leggy and ugly. So remember to cut off the flowers and a bit more (but NOT into old wood) in the autumn. Easy and quick.
  13. And of course, savoury. Wild mushrooms cooked with ham and cream the other day. Delish.
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