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'Work' options with a long-term stay (retirement) visa?

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Hi- I'm a native-born US citizen and am looking to retire early and resettle in France, probably in 2020 when I reach 55. I've done a bit of research on the web and have spoken to friends who have made or are making a similar move, but still have a few questions, particularly with regard to what is or isn't permitted under a long-term stay visa.

I understand that if I apply for a long-term visa (and renewals) on a retirement basis, I'm not permitted to engage in employment in France, but am wondering if there are any legal 'exceptions' to that rule. Would I be permitted, for example, to rent out a spare room or two in my house on Airbnb? To do occasional freelance graphic design work for US-based clients? To do volunteer work? Any information along these lines would be much appreciated!
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