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We need help setting up kennels


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My wife, two children and I have brought a house and have been living in Department 47 for a year. Having had lots of experiece with dogs we would like to set up a small high quality kennel but we are having difficulty finding out the regulations governing kennels and the legal bodys who are responsible for the controls. Can anybody out there help us please
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I don't have any experience with the kennels side of things but I'm in the process of setting up a cattery here.  I've had my local veterinary practice come to inspect our premises and set-up, and they put me on to the local DSV (Directoire des Services Veterinaires) for the official side of things.  I 'phoned the DSV and explained that I wanted to set up the cattery, and they sent me a mass of legal requirements/documents relating to setting up a variety of animal-related businesses (pensions, refuges, elevages, etc) and a form to complete and send to them. 

I've filled in the form and sent it back to them, and am now waiting for them to let me know what happens next.  Until I get their authorization, I can't get my SIRET number from the Chambre de Commerce.

Good luck with your venture.


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We are in the process of doing the same and there are a myriad of regulations. First off are you 100 metres from your nearest neighbour? No? forget it, if yes continue, however people who live up to a kilometre away have the right to complain. up to 9 dogs of your own you need permission of the mairie, 9 up to 49 for commerce you need a licence from the prefecture. But wait you cant do anything until you have a cetificate de capacite. You obtain this by going on a three day course ( in French) with an exam at the end. you then take this to the DSV at the chambre of agricole who may or may not approve it and then forward it to the prefecture who will if they are happy issue you with the certificate de capacite.The course can be obtained through the SCC(Societe centrale canine, details online) be prepared for a long wait as the courses are very heavily oversubscribed. This course is to licence you as a breeder. There is another exam you can take which should enable you to board. this is run by the lycee Agricoles and is a multichoice done on a PC ( We passed this !!!Yippee)


You then have to register your business.with the chambre d'agricole who in turn will register with the other chambres if neccesary.depending on the exact nature of your enterprise. Its taken us two years so far!!!

We in fact are registered with the chambre de metiers/commerce/Agricole

Hope this doesn't deter you too much

Bonne Chance

Lisa and Steve




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