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Estate Agents giving Misleading information.

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[quote user="lenny2000"]Does anyone know of the organisation which gives estate agent licences in France? 


Cartes Professionnelles, the French form of agency licensing, are issued by the préfecture for the département in which the agent operates.

The first post in this topic made reference to an agent in France who claimed, allegedly falsely, to be a 'Chartered Surveyor'. I suspect it may be the same one you are talking about. Unfortunately the post was then edited by its originator which rather messed up the rest of the topic. As you are new to the forum you are not to know this - I hope that having filled you in, the rest of the discussion might make a bit more sense.

As I often say, there are honest agents in France. In fact most of them are. Just a few give the profession a bad name.

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This is a facinating point.  I have spoken to the RICS at length and they tell me that they can only discipline Members so ironically they have no power to stop others using the title Chartered Surveyor.

I am dealing with this mater myself in another way. 

The person(s) of whom I may not speak for fear of identifying them are not RICS but claim to be.  The RICS has agreed to send me a headed letter stating this person(s) is not registered.  I shall send that letter to the local authority (which thanks to Will I now know is the Prefecture).  I shall ask why he is allowing this misrepresentation to go on.  I shall also send a copy to all the local French Agents (who are competitors) and a copy with explanation to the French News.

Why do I take this trouble.....   Well is is enough for evil to proseper if good men do nowt!

Also, I am a Chartered Engineer and know how hard it was to become such.  Also...  I have told these people of my concerns, they have admitted they are not Chartered and they still continue to say they are on their website and literature..... I warned them I would report them and they used a nice accent at me.....  They need to be taught a little humility.....  Let's face it, this is a bloomin lie and it is wrong....

I wonder if they will be changing their website any time soon....  I shall let you know. 

Not everyone with a nice accent is that bright and trustworthy.... and not all with a rough one is or arm stupid...... Be careful who you under estimate for they may be betterer than yew.... .

Woof Woof.

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Hello Lennie,  I understand at your annoyance of these people 'stealing' professional titles.  Unfortunately, if RICS told you it is only Trading Standards who can step in here there is not much else you can do.  Although  I think I would stand outside his office with a big banner telling the truth (and of course hold the hand of a Lennox Lewis lookalike[:D])

The RICS does indeed exist in France and there are many Chartered Surveyors working there.  Just look at the larger corporate surveying firms like DTZ, Atisreal, Kingsturge etc.,   These are global companies with offices in France employing Chartered Surveyors.  Clients dealing with these "big boys" have the assurances of knowing that should their dealings go 'belly up' or, if they have a claim to make, there will be enough Professional Indemnity Insurance in place which, is a mandatory requirement of the RICS of any practicing CS.  In fact, if you do not have one in place, you are 'struck off' AND named and shamed in their monthly journal.

By the way.... why do you consider it unusual to know the difference between RICS and CIOB?

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