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  1. haha, yes the trampoline lol. Yes Christine, our Twinkle is Twinkling along lovely. She is a strong girl with attitude. I will tell her that you have been asking about her. Xx
  2. Thank you all for the welcome back. Not as naughty as I was though lol. Yes Pat, I still keep in touch with Twinks, I was down the Tarn last weekend we had a great time. she has been a little bit poorly lately but as usual her spirits are very high. Of course the Welsh rugby win added to the situation. I have told her that I have reposted so hopefully she will come on here.
  3. Thank you Sprog. Yes, Norman H told me about poor Coops. Unbelievable and so young. She was always so kind with sharing her information and worked very hard to keep up to date with French legislation. A very sad loss for the forum. RIP dear Debs Xx
  4. Ah Hi Catalpa, yes Katie Kopy Kat but got called KKK which of course I had to change. Yes we had lots of fun on here didnt we? It seems very quiet now since the pre facebook days. Paris was a wonderful opportunity, I know the city like the back of my hand now and had a great time there and met some lovely people. However, although our contracts finished, to be honest I was happy to come home after three years.
  5. KKK !!! Yaaagh what a memory you have Benjamin
  6. Thank you all, nice to see some old faces. Norman so sad there have been losses, I have emailed you just in case I put my foot in it on the open forum. Hoddy and Russ, I am now back in the UK following a lovely experience of living in Paris. As said my next project is renovating a little summer house in the south so that should keep me busy. Hey Wooly, who is the bird?
  7. Hello to all. I haven't posted on here for a while but have been looking through the posts at the old names. Well I am now back in the UK and will be renovating my house in the Tarn next year and will therefore will become a nuisance on renovations over the next few months. Hope all is well. Any gossip?
  8. There are some lovely suggestions there.  I will give the curry a miss though, I dont think the French will understand the joke.  Peter, I thought of Laverbread but it is a bit difficult to get in the French markets, also the thick bacon to accompany which will leave me with just a bowl of cockles
  9. Thank you Hoddy.  Hey I love the sound of the delia recipe.  I could also look at getting some Caephilly over here.
  10. Do you really think they are rich.  OK the mains in very rich but I think the Leek soup is light and with delicate taste.  I could lighten the desert.  Maybe just soak the sultanas in whisky and serve cold, cut into a square so it will sit on a plate with a drizzle of cream. How does that honestly sound to you?
  11. Of course you can come Clair, are you near Paris?  Yes RH I was going to soak the raisins in Welsh Whisky.  It is hearty food so the portions will be small, served in a French style, nothing touching on the plate, that sort of thing. I love stuffed heart and I am wondering if I am being a little too risky serving this.
  12. I hope to be cooking for a large group of French people soon and will need to put a menu together.  The diners will pay 10 euro so the budget is small.  I can make whatever I like but it must be 3 courses.  I want to show the French what we are made of and promote our wonderful cuisine.  Ideally I would like to put a Welsh slant onto it because I am sick of people asking me what part of England Wales is in I therefore thought of Creamy Leek Soup Stuffed lambs heart with potato and swede mash, green beans and red onion gravy Bread and butter pudding with Penderyn whisky cream sauce What do you think?
  13. Hmmmm, back in Paris, both passports were lost, we spent ages looking for them, went to the car and they were in my suitcase, I had packed them both but cannot remember doing it.  Scary
  14. Thanks Jay,  but excuse me for being dumb, how do I turn this into a list?  I am looking for branches in the Tarn
  15. Hi All, Does anyone know where I can find a list of Santander branches in France?
  16. Hi Fi,  I have just looked at your site too and I agree with other posters that it does look gloomy.  You need to set yourself more strongly against the competition (but you already know that).  I also think that your rates are a little low.  What about launching yourself on Holiday Rentals, this is a great site, very easy to use and it seems you just need to fill in a template.  I think you may have some ceiling height to increase your rates which would pay for your entry to Holiday Rentals. Take some new photos as previously suggested and get someone around to give you an honest appraisal whilst these are being taken.  Set the scene, a candle and glass of wine on the patio table at dusk.  Flora at the forefront of a picture with the house in the background, a nice picture of your nearest villiage of people having lunch and wearing sunglasses and smiling.  Show your potential clients what they could enjoy.
  17. Hi Chris,  I just popped on here for a little look, as I do once in a while.  Hope all is well
  18. thanks Christine,  actually it is probably a good law.  I have always had bigger dogs but so many people want these as a macho badge.... really really sad.  However, what about if I brought one over from UK.  Would I still have to go through the same arva palarva? 
  19. I was reading through the Rottweiller thread and noticed that someone had posted that you cannot just take one of these dogs on without some sort of paperwork.  Could someone inform me further please?
  20. Just a point. if the tree is near your house and you live in a wetter area, you, this may result in heave.
  21. Yes the sun or the star. When we have lunch in the English bar my French colleagues (men and women) are fully amused by them. They sit there giggling and pointing like a load of six year olds looking at the underwear section in a catalogue.
  22. I made bread and butter pudding for french guests recently. I soaked the sultanas in rum and served it with home made custard. It went down a treat. On the subject of beef, I find the stewing steak used for bouef borg to be very good. As someone said earlier, A good steak and ale pie or even a stew served with potatoes to mirror bouef bourg (sorry, I cant spell it) followed by bread and butter pudding. Both will keep and I think both are respectable British dishes.
  23. Hi Markin, I moved to Paris just over 2 years ago and was in the same situation as you. My daughter had just finished her GCSE's and I arranged for her to attend an international school which was very expensive and was a poor standard in comparison to the state school she had left in UK. I was not happy with the standard of education she received there, they told me if I wanted her to do the Bac it would take 3 years which I believe was a way to snaffle an extra years fees from me. When I refused this, they told me she could do the High School Diploma in two years but would need to supplement this with A levels. They told me that the High School Diploma incorporated the A level curriculum and therefore there would be little extra work for my daughter. I then agreed to this and enrolled her and paid my fees of just over 15,000 euros annually in advance. After this I heard no more about A Levels and discovered that British Universities did not recognised the Diploma. I went to see the headmistress who told me that my daughter was not ready for A levels because she only had A grades at GCSE and not A Stars !! I have therefore taken my daughter out of the school in disgust and have employed home tutors. She is currently sitting her A Levels as an external candidate at a school in UK and has a conditional offer at a university. In short, I have had a bad experience and I am sure there are many good international schools out there. Unfortunately, the one I used was no more than a money making racket. There was no governing body I could complain to and the only good thing to come out of it is that my daughter has made lovely friends from all over the world. In hindsight, I would use a tutor for A levels, for me this has been much cheaper and much more effective.
  24. For what it is worth, everyone arrived happily by TGV from Bordeaux. Thanks Brian. Also, everyone returned from Toulouse to Bristol yesterday and the day before with just a one hour delay. Bon journey to toulouse !!
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