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  1. Has anyone heard if there is to be a subsidy for oil this year? Kind regards Janet
  2. Thank you for confirming what i had though really. Perfect French, 5 week booking, no quibble with the amount, too good to be true!!!! I have already deleted it. Kind regards Janet
  3. I have just received an enquiry from a couple who live on the Ivory Coast, for a 5 week booking. They want to pay by bank transfer and have asked for my details i believe that would be the RIB details, am i safe giving these out? can they do anything bad with the RIB details? Not sure what to do Thanks in advance Janet
  4. Have sent you a PM regards Janet
  5. Thank you for all your replies to the original question. I have been away for two weeks so i have only just caught up with all the comments! I am now however totally confused!! My fault as i did not originally explain that although we have two gites, they are in fact part of our own house with locking doors between them when guests are in. It is however used as our house, when there are no guests in. I wonder then if i can claim exemption as i we are a 'petite enterprise' and that, it is as in a previous comment, 'our principal residence?' All a bit accademic now as i chickened out and got a licence (one tv now in our bedroom) before we went away!!! However when i payed over my money i was given no receipt, and no indication that i would get a paper to say i had a licence. I also asked if i would get an invoice next year and she shrugged her shoulders and said it was up to me to come and pay? I do find it very frustrating that had i not noticed a posting on a forum, with the need to get this licence, that i could have been fined, even though when registering with the tax office, no mention was ever made to get a licence. As far as i can tell for future licences i will not receive any reminder! And i have absolutely no proof that i have ever paid for this one, or could it be in the post do you think?? Regards Janet
  6. Thank you for your reply, i think we may be taking them out now, really can't afford them!! Regards Janet
  7. We have two gites, and i have heard that we need to declare that we have TV's in them and pay for a licence for each of them; Even though our income including the gites (not good at advertising!!) and my other halfs' age exempts us from paying for one for our own use. Any comments please, don't want to get in trouble, so may just take the tv's out. Not enough bookings this year anyhow to warrant the expence of two licences! Janet
  8. I have just picked up on this thread because of the word cotistations and reading noticed that others had received bills in December, has my problem anything to do with this ? Last June (2007) our daughter in law registered her new business with the chambre de metiers and did all ther relevant paperwork to gain the exemption of cotistations through the ACRE form, all was going well and she only had a small amount billed which wasn't covered by this form.  She was also told that if her income didn't go above a certain level, then she could also extend this for another two years depending again on the income, which she would declare 3 months before the anniversary of her commencement date.  In early December she had a bill for nearly 4,000 Euros!!!! from RSI for 2008 which came as a bit of a blow, as we were not aware of anything outstanding ., as she hasn't earned even half of that amount.  A French friend called them and asked why she had this bill, they said it was for compulsory retirement contributions, (which we beleived were covered by ACCRE) and they agreed to recalculate based on her 2007 earnings.  A letter was sent with the details of her income but she has only  received  a certificate which confirms her exemption for 2007 based on the amont she delared in her letter.  The first of the payments for 2008 is nearly with us and we have heard nothing more?   any advise please? Janet
  9. Could someone help? A friend in the UK has been asked to work on a property in France.  He owns his own building company and pays UK Tax.  He would be paid in sterling and also pay tax in the UK on the job.  Does he need to register here and obtain a Siret number to work? many thanks Janet
  10. Some of you may remeber that my daughter in Law was starting a Mobile Dog Grooming Business in the Dordogne.  Well just as an update i thought i would post to let all those who helped us with information, that all is now progressing very well.  There were a few hicups but nothing that couldn't be sorted, and although  we think the paperwork is a little too much, we have come out the other side.  The pointers given here were very helpful and have saved Claire several thousand euros, which was very much apreciated.  We have found though that if you do not know the right questions to ask then information is very slow to come, and i am sure that we have missed on a few grants that could have been given, but  as far as the grooming goes, Claire is now getting a steady styream of customers. And she is registered and legal!!! Thanks again for all the help. Janet
  11. Opps! i already deleted it,as advised above, but should another one arrive ,i will forward it to paypal, regards Janet
  12. I have just received a  Account Authorisation Required from Paypal, on my gite account.  As i too do not have a paypal account, i assumed it was a scam? it asks for passwords and account names,    but no account so guessed it was not for real.  Thanks for confirming my fears. Regards Janet  
  13. I thought i would just thank everyone who has been in contact, and also let everyone know that the whole process of setting up Claires Dog Grooming, has not been as painfull as we first anticipated.  The advice given on the original posting was very helpfull, and although it is slow progress, for someone so keen to get started, Claire hopes to be ready to trade from mid June. Thank you all again, Regards Janet
  14. Thought i should send reply by email hope thats ok. Regards Janet
  15. Many thanks for info so far.  Yes she is registered with the ANPE and also Assedic, and is officially "en stage" in the UK for the course she has just completed for the Dog Grooming, (it was cheaper to do it there!!!)  So she should qualify for the ACCRE.  [:)] Think it should be Chamber of Commerce now, to get the advice, thank you for the contact name Gail.[:D] Will leave the visit to the tax office out, as i thought, it may muddy the waters a bit.[8-)] Also thanks to Danny for the positive input as to the Mobile set up for the Dog Grooming, we have reserched it a bit and found the large distance between the parlours in the bigger towns and villages, therefore a gap [;-)]in the market!  I hope to get a web site up and running for her linked to mine for our gite (yes another gite! 2 years and only 2 bookings, good job we don't depend on it for income!) as soon as i can. All in all we do feel very positive, and all info is very much appreciated. Janet www.dordogne-gites-lesherissons.co.uk
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