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  1. Hi Tricia, No health or learning problems. Very annoyingly, one of the kids that is horrid at school spent most of last summer and the one previous at our house! I was trying to see if by having him here it would make things easier at school - seems that wasnt the case and he wont be coming again! My son has plenty of friends outside of school but they dont go to the same school. I shall go to see the head of the other school sometime this week. I have noticed that a few others have swapped in the village so obviously a common thing.
  2. My son has been at his school for about 5 years (he is 8) and has never really found his place with the other kids. He has asked if he could try the other school in the village as he is very unhappy now going to his school every day and having noone to play with or them being nasty. Does anyone know if it would be possible for him to try a day at the other school? Would it be as simple as me going to ask the head teacher or would there be more to it? Thanks
  3. Hi again, Thanks very much for checking for me - much obliged! Neither the Numéro fiscal nor the Numéro FIP match those that we have on our Avis D'impot. I think I will go down there and try out my bestest French!! Thanks again for your help
  4. Youre very welcome!! Now, perhaps you'd answer a question for me please if you can? On the TH form did it list both you and your husband under occupants? For some reason this form is addressed to me (they had the address wrong too and spent ages finding me!) even though my husband is the one working and does the tax return forms which we dont actually pay, we get a rebate for. The other thing that puzzles me is that my FIP number on the TH form doesnt match the FIP number on all the tax return forms for our household. Oh my heads spinning lol.
  5. Sweet17 - I found this on another site re the over 60 thing. Firstly, your revenu fiscal de reference (as shown on your tax avis) must not exceed 9,837€ (single person) or 15,091€ (couple) and you must not be subject to wealth tax. Provided you meet this condition, then: If you are aged 65 to 75, you receive a 100€ rebate on your tax fonciere bill; If you are aged 75 or over, you are exempt from paying tax fonciere; If you are aged 60 or over, you are exempt from paying tax d'habitation. Even if you do not meet the above age/maximum income conditions, there is a cap applied to your tax d'habitation based upon your actual income and family circumstances. In addition to all the above, reductions/exemptions are also available to persons receiving ASPA benefits, invalidity benefits, etc The reductions/exemptions are automatically calculated according to the information you supply on your tax declaration.
  6. Hi Joshua, Yes I do know that thanks. Just trying to work out if our bill is correct. We have a little house compared to others with similar bills. My name is on the bill not my husbands and theres no mention of any other occupants.
  7. Thank you Clair. So according to that form 2.5 parts 17 718 euros. Does that mean that our RFR should be more than that and if it isnt we could be elligible for deductions? I just want to find out if theres a possibility this bill is wrong then I will go to see our local office.
  8. Thanks Clair for the translated info. There are myself, my hubby and our son in our household - would that make us 1.50 (each person after the first being a quarter part) parts or 2.50 parts (adults being 1 part each and child being half)? I just dont understand why we get a good rebate with our tax assessment then they take it back through another avenue - maybe its to soften the blow a bit lol. Thanks again
  9. OK, thats fair enough, thanks. Would still like to know how the calculation works though please.
  10. Sweet 17 - theyre under the limit for earnings anyway but sure I keep reading everywhere that once youre over 60 you dont have to pay and pretty sure my Dad told me that too from the Mairie.
  11. OK, really really confused!! My RFR minus the 7918 (what is that for anyway?) x 3.44% works out at 155 yet my bill was 475! What I find strange is that the bill is in my name not my husbands. On the back page, under occupants should it not list not only me but my husband and my son too? What does S stand for under 'Nature'? Also, we live on a property on my parents grounds. They dont pay TH because they are over 60, why do we still have to pay when the house isnt in our name? Thanks!!
  12. Hi Frenchie, Thanks very much for your help, much appreciated.
  13. My hubby has worked for 3 years self-employed (micro enterprise), paying social charges along the way. Work is slowing down and I wondered if there would be any help for us (he, I and 8 year old) if the work dries up completely for a short while? I realise being self-employed he couldnt get unemployment benefit but is there something he pays into through the social charges that he could claim back in hard times? Cheers
  14. Hi Panda, Do you know what the maximun is please? There are quite a lot of people (Ive heard!) quitting being artisans and re-starting on this AE but doesnt really seem to be that beneficial on those percentages. We dont earn enough to pay tax. We do pay social charges but dont think there would be much in it to be honest. Thanks for your help again Panda!  
  15. Sorry to hijack this thread but thought better than opening another on similar subject! This new regime - the Autoentepreneur, are you only paying tax at a higher rate? If so, and youre not paying social charges, what happens with pension & health contributions?
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