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  1. Theiere you are a star :-) Thank you !!! Will now research the part and get it sorted!! At least it is at the beginning of the season !!!
  2. Sometimes the pump does not start automatically so when I switch to manual it sometimes takes 3 or 4 switching actions to get it started. When switched on but no start there is a humming sound however no adverse sounds when actually running and runs freely. Any ideas please.
  3. I bought two chairs and a motorbike from leboncoin. What we did was agree to buy , left a deposit and paid the balance when we collected. No problems
  4. Try this it worked for us :-) http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=26827&page=3
  5. My son is a pharmacist in the UK and no it is not possible to dispense a french prescription in the UK. I have just returned from a month long trip with a group of french people. One lady threw her medication in the bin thinking the packet was empty. She had her french prescription but we had to register her as a temp resident and get a prescription from a local doctor.
  6. Perhaps a point to think of. These people who live in France now and do not register for tax purposes either income tax or registration of vehicles I suspect would be the first people when they lived in UK to complain about non compliant immigrants !!! Are we not immigrants to France ? I hate the expat cover for everything ! An expat as a term used for UK citizens who work temporarily abroad. You are an immigrant to France so comply with the law of the country you have chosen.
  7. Ok also can I delete all these hosts and equipment except the ones for ours. Am going away and disconnect from the wall anyway when away. Can't click on any of these and get any info to backlist. Only an icon which tells me if active or not and will allow me to delete. Really so sorry to be dim but need to do this with least hassle as don,t quite understand how to reset up my system. So delete and nothing changes for me is the best option !!! Thanks thanks :-)
  8. ok would prefer to do that ! less hassle for me the dimwit! Might find myself without access too !! Only option I can find is to suprimmer. Is that enough please. or is there another option 'blacklist' as you said ? Sorry not the last question afte rall !!
  9. Ok folks last question I promise !!! If I change the security key will I need to do anything to my own computers and I phone to reconnect ? Promise this is the last !! Thanks everyone :-)
  10. Thanks folks for all your help :-) Am I correct that if I suprimmer their 2 computers then they cannot log in without the key ? Because if that is the case then I can do that as they did not take a note of the key. They just logged in in the house and gave me the number back. I had to press a button and they had a certain time to log in so guess they cannot do that anymore without getting back to me ?
  11. Ok am so proud of myself and found the page you mean !! I can see the neighbours computer but am a bit concerned that there are :-- New host x 2 with no IP address A New host with an IP address Equipment inconnu Equpment 123 and another 3 with a differnet address Is this all ok ? Many thanks for all you help folks !
  12. Thanks folks but I am a bit if a dimwit with computers ! If I type in livebox I just get a list if different sites about livebox everywhere ! Also where to I type the number provided please. Sorry to be dim but I have no understanding of how this works just how to use it !! Please pretend I am stupid and explain like that ,. I do not mind !!! Cos I am !!!
  13. I saw the worst possible british evasion yesterday. A car in a supermarket car park near me. UK registration( S registration ) 07 tax disc, no CT or insurance on windscreen!!! How bad is that !!
  14. Is it possible to change the security key for my live box and if so how ? I was put in a position of giving it to my neighbour for using in their holiday home . I know I should learn to say no !!! They are lovely and have known them for years but I suspect they are using it each holiday now which I suppose is ok but feel a bit miffed they do not ask again !! So would like to change the key to stop it. Any help appreciated. Also can you turn off the wifi for the time they are here ? That could be another solution all be it a more inconvenient one !! Can I tell if they are on line ? Sorry lots of questions !!
  15. Thanks for the quick reply folks ! And Gosub great site sorry I haven't seen it before but is bookmarked now
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