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  1. To all friends- I have just logged in to ask for my removal from this Forum following the appalling behaviour, threats and insults, and the refusal of moderators to remove a post which pretended to give all my computer details linked with a threat. As it turns out, it seems that my details could not be seen by others, hence the refusal to remove the post. However, i feel strongly that a threat should have been removed automatically as soon as seen by Mods, irrespective on whether they agreed with my views or not- and this according to Forum rules. One moderator said the post had not been removed because they had not had time to see my request. this seems strange as there were several posts from Moderators on the site during that time. I am happy that some excellent friends here will be keeping in touch outside this Forum. I would like to thank very sincerely all those who have spoken against the treatment I have received and the fact that the poster has not been taken to task for his appalling behaviour. Fortunately there is a much better place to talk and exchange views with excellent moderators. Regards to all the good people out there,    Odile
  2. Just in time - Rose I tried to remove immediately - but was told 'time out' and was totally unable to delete. I asked admin to do this for me twice, but this was ignored. Some things better left unsaid. I can see your point. But perhaps you know little of the subject. Thanks for your comments Rose.
  3. We all yoddle and wear lederhosen of course. I spent all my life trying to make people all over the world that British people are not all football hooligans and p...ssheads, beating each other constantly with broken glasses, wearing a hanky over their head with a fag in their mouth. Because that is what people see on TV and the Press. Some British people are wonderful, and have a fabulous sense of humour - others to do not, just like the Swiss. This is totally irrelevant, and hopefully will be seen for what it is by others. Despicable. You can post anything you want after this as I won't see it.
  4. je viens d'avoir une très très mauvaise expérience sur ce Forum - avec des menaces et des insultes, qui m'ont fait vomir toute la nuit, surtout puisque les mods on refusé de retirer les postes.  Je m'en vais donc. Je vous envoie à tout et toutes ici mes amitiés et mes meilleurs voeux pour le futur. Si vous voulez-me contacter, faites le par e-mail et non par pm- car je ne reviendrai pas pendant longtemps ici, si jamais. Bonne chance à tous/toutes         j'ai eu beaucoup de plaisir à faire votre connaissance et à bavarder avec vous. x0x0x0x0x0x0x  Swissie/Odile
  5. does that make any difference at all, surely you don't want to even suggest bringing racism here too?  I hold a British Passport which is as good as yours. Accepting insults and threats, with a pretense that a poster knows where I live and all my internet details- and posted them in a middle of a post (with a threat)- has nothing to do with having a sense of humour, and you know it well.  Mods should have pulled him up on this immediately- irrespective on whether they agreed with my opinions, always expressed politely, whether they 'like' me, or whether I was born and bred in Britain. Most here I am sure agree- even if they disagreed with what I said.
  6. [quote user="Dog"][quote user="Russethouse"]  Are you referring to last night ? If so go to http://www.danasoft.com/ [/quote] It was deliberately used to cause hurt and distress to Odile and it did. I was shocked and think it was underhand behaviour. I hereby make my formal complaint about the outrageous behaviour of the person that sent this post. This is not the behaviour of a gentleman.   [/quote] The fact that mods did not a/ take him to task immediately or at all  b/refused to accept my polite request for the post to me removed   if far more serious IMHO. To then suggest that I can take it or leave it - is also despicable. Throughout the thread, I never used insulting language in any way shape or form.
  7. Would you like to post my British Passport here too. Personal insults and threats do not deserve my great sense of humour IMHO- and moderators should know better- and follow Forum guidelines and etiquette, whether they approve or disapprove with the comments politely made.
  8. rose thank you for your reply. I did not know about danasoft - as far as I could see was that somebody seemed to have posted my details with a threat. At the very least moderators should have 'pulled' up the poster for making a threat, as well as using insulting language. As somebody else in the past got my details by mistake- and this issue has never been resolved by admin- I was indeed concerned. Especially as I requested that said post was removed and this was not done. For a mod to suggest that I should leave if not happy with such, is in extreme bad taste. Especially since I was insulted and threatened.
  9. our daughter made a very funny Easter card - picture of 'phoque' juggling with an Easter egg on his nose with the caption phone oeuf!
  10. It seems that this matter has never been resolved. One poster has accessed all my details and published them in a box in the middle of a post, together with a threat (we know where you are!) - I was assured by mods that only I could see the content of the box with my details. I did not know that at the time, and it caused what I can only call great distress. Even if the details couldn't be seen by all - HOW did a poster get access to my details? I asked mods to remove the post twice, but this was ignored. Extremely concerned.
  11. whenever you can replace the verb with 'used to' - then use imparfait. When I was young I ate (=I used to eat) cornflakes   =    je mangeais
  12. I walked    is in modern French the equivalent of     j'ai marché     =   -passé composé      (or can also be translated into passé simple in 'old' French)
  13. I was walking    form    =   imparfait    I walked    =  passé composé
  14. Sorry Nell. Just a warning for those getting a   pleased to inform you that x and y will be getting married + time and place - and think it is an invite! Have a great time.
  15. tu es le bienvenu. BTW le 'de' in front of a name is not necessarily a sign of 'noblesse' - it can just mean 'from' + place. Bonne chance
  16. have a great time. Just a bit of warning though, as some of my British friends have be caught out and found it very embarrassing. French people send wedding 'faire-parts', ie. a wedding announcement - and this does NOT mean you are invited. If you are there will be an insert with a specific invitation, either for just the Vin d'Honneur, or for Church and Vin d'Honneur, or for the whole thing. A colleague of mine travelled to Normandy from leics for a wedding and found on arrival that they were definitely not expected. Space was made, everybody found it very funny and they were made most welcome - but they were mortified! They had a fabulous time though!
  17. je vais en tenir compte avant de continuer notre projet (?)
  18. but Wilko you can't blame a whole country's population because 2 of them stole the gel, surely. I have every sympathy, but let's not make sweeping statements. I have spent al my life defending my British friends against those in Europe who think they are all football hooligans!
  19. [quote user="cassis"]Be careful - when towels go missing, it may not be the guests. Towel Theft [/quote] LOL   cassis
  20. [quote user="JohnM"]There is an Ibis in Annecy, but of course, you really ought to be taking her to Talloires, staying in the Hotel L'Abbay, after wining and dining her at the Restaurant Pere Bise..... followed by a lifetime of soup kitchens and begging..... Tres Cher (well by my standards, but then even Flunch is stretching my current budget!)[/quote]... and next day at Marc Veyrat's resto - but you will have to take out a mortgage for that. Would love to stay at l'Abbaye- we walked into the lobby and had a look around - so beautiful.
  21. Thanks for that link Clarks - have bookmarked it for future use. Great.
  22. I agree with 5-element. I have sent things back a very few times - but I have always been discreet and apologetic- and it worked and never worried about a bad reaction in the kitchen. 'A la creme' definitely does not mean 'curried' so you were totally correct to ask for a replacement.
  23. Hi glacier - I have no idea about life saving qualifications, but you could say that the French are generally very protective of their work market and trades. My area of experience is skiing and snowboarding teaching, and 'normal' teaching, where it is near on impossible to get 'equivalence' and work in France. The basic principles are also very different. For skiing, the best paid and top teachers are those who have won significant races in France, which really does NOT make them good teachers... whereas in the UK your experience and ability to teach, explain, etc, is more important. In 'normal' teaching in France, exams and qualifications are paramount, irrespective of the ability to teach! More importantly though - how good is your French? I would think that qualifications or experience  would have limited use if you are unable to communicate with any casualty, get a history, find out about symptoms, pain, etc. Bonne chance.
  24. honestly though - it really does work. It is such a shame that the majority of Brits really cannot see that it makes sense, and just think that it is some sort of Swiss OCD thing! Lots of research has been done which shows that showering first does make a huge difference in dosage AND cost - slapping on the lotion, sweating it out for a bit then jumping in to wash it all off, and start again IS pretty disgusting! Lots of people also have skin reactions and breathing difficulties, eye problems - due to increased dosage required by poor hygiene. The fact nobody has commented here seems to confirm that showing first is seen as trivial/silly. Serious research indicates clearly otherwise. surely it makes sense. BTW when you sweat, you sweat most in places which are close together, under arms, under boobs and bellies - but between your cheeks too (yes, those) - think about it! YUK
  25. different times ... what on earth can I do with my grandmothers mink coat? Any good ideas. Don't ask me to wear it - please... despite living in the siberian Jura. And anyway she was a socialite about size 0, and I am a plump peasant!
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