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  1. A lot of Breton names oare of the pattern le + .... eg le Bec, le Grand, le Braz etc. Le Goff means the Red and is quite common. About 30% of our cycling club seem to have names of this type.
  2. Tonight about 2.30am there is a total eclipse of the moon in Finistere. This should have even more of an effect in conjuring werewolves, encouraging plants etc.
  3. You would be surprised, passionflower grows about 3 times the speed of honeysuckle. It can be chopped right back and at the end of June is taking over again. One of the nice things about it is that it flowers all summer. It never is covered in flowers but it flowers from about June until end of October. We have to cut it back about four or five a year otherwise we can't get into the side door of the garage. Even so we sometimes wonder if we are going to be eaten.
  4. We have a passionflower here, Quimper in Finistere. It grows like a weed covering the entrance to the garage. It does die back a bit in winter. I hack it back a lot in the autumn, (it is trying to cover the rhododendron next to it), and from time to time in the summer. If it wants to it grows very rapidly. It does have fruit which are edible but don't really taste of much. It layers and also self seeds itself. I don't mind the flowers are terrific. It can behave like a trifid though.
  5. When we got some from the quarry round here, if you wanted it delivered it came in multiples of cubic metres. A cubic metre of gravel seemed to go an awfully long way.
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