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  1. I will have exactly this problem, and the only way I can see to do it, since my income is insufficient for a mortgage, is to rent while finalising the short list of properties. Then you have the money in the bank from the old one, ready to put down on the next.
  2. What I did was buy the plastic circular back boxes at same time of buying sockets to fit, then measured diameter of plastic back box, and cut just slightly less. However I have had trouble doing doubles because the small distance between both holes means the centre is not strong enough for the grippers, maybe someone will advise on this.
  3. Right, I bought a new light switch as the one here was actually an old sock in the wall padding the gap to hold a broken but working live switch. The new one looks different to the old one so I do not know which holes to put the wire in. There are just the 2 blue wires going through old switch.  The new one has 2 banks of 3 holes each side at back of switch. one bank has screws to hold wires, the other bank of 3 does not have holding screws. On the rear of switch are markings: Screw side: X1, L1, X3. The unscrew holes are marked X4, L2, X2. I do not really want to take the thing to bits in case funny bits fall out. I am good at taking things apart, but not so clever putting them back, (but am finding a new way of beating that system with my dig camera. Photo is first then I have a picture of how to put it back again).Therefore, when you press the switch, I have no way of knowing where the contact breaker is. If there are now screws on one side it would seem that you should only use the 3 holes that do have screws. So it is just a matter of which hole to put one piece of wire and which for the other. Funny to have 3 holes with no screws though. Please don't tell me to get a professional in because I just cannot do that every time something needs doing. Just kindly tell me if it matters which holes I use. Just an old lady but am already installing double sockets in place of single bare wires, so I know I can manage it. If only someone will tell me how. ALSO Light fittings: for the life of me, I do not see how one of their light hooks can serve to balance and hold fancy lampshades on the ceiling. Are you supposed to get chain and attach it all to say 3 points of lampshade. Think I prefer to install uk roses. As to wall lights, there are wires sticking out of 2 holes in the wall. I would not expect the wires to take the weight of wall lamps and shades. Those hooks again? I don't know. Thanks to all in anticipation.xx
  4.     Just a quick reminder, the septic tank inspector is going around to make sure they all comply with the latest law, he was due to visit me last week but the man who sold me this house, and incidentally built it as well, intervened and managed to stop him. I smell a rat. Wonder if my fairly new one is all that its supposed to be.
  5. vanessa


        Sorry Bob, this is not an answer but a request. I am looking into crepie because this house was filthy so am stripping back old wallpaper, and as I go back, it gets worse. They don't plaster nice and flat as we do, its a mess. Had intended just to paint but surface far too bad, then thought to wallpaper and paint that. What a lot of work. Maybe crepie would be the answer. Presume its something like our artex. If you find out more would you share info with me because I have 11 rooms and for an old lady its a fair bit of work. I will no doubt find the answers on the net eventually, and am wondering do you paint the stuff on and then roll over it with a textured roller, or do you dip the roller in the crepie and apply it. Perhaps there is a machine like the old tyrolean used in uk, but would prefer to do it my own way. Any one reading this is welcome to add whatever they have learned about crepie; I will be grateful. vanessa
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