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  1. Thanks for the prompt responses. It has made me think about the safety side so I will be investing in a kit I think. After doing some quick research on prices it looks like the UK once again. I would love to 'support my local shop' but his price versus on line in the UK  means about a £150.00 difference. This is becoming a very expensive place to live. Thanks again for the useful advice.
  2. Hi   I would appreciate any advice. I need to buy a petrol chainsaw for normal use - sawing up some oak beams in the barn, tree pruning etc I have been advised that a Stihl is the one to get but any advice on alternatives and  on the power I should be looking for. Also heads up on any 'deals' that are out there at the moment would be appreciated. Thanks in anticipation.
  3. Hi I am fairly sure this question will have been covered somewhere but I have had a look and it is not coming up. I have a two year old UK registered Renault and wish to register the car here. I am familiar with the process but am unsure whether I need to get a CT done for the metriculation. As the car is under four years old will the authorities be require proof of the headlamps being changed and if so I intend to change the headlamps myself so will not be able to provide a facture for the work only proof of purchase for the new LHD headlamps. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  4. Still waiting for an official letter now a week and a half after the verbal communication from the agent. Thanks for your input.
  5. Thanks, that was our next plan. We will do so and I will post what we find out. Further to that, after some exploration of the forum there appears to be be a lack of info on train travel in France, unless someone can let us know otherwise... so if there is anyone out there who can provide a description of the various deals on offer re. travel cards that would be helpful. As I said I will post what we discover, and thanks again for your response.    
  6. Hi Not sure if this is the best section for my question. I need to transport my family - 2 adults, 3 kids to Eurodisney from Angouleme and would like to know the chepaest way to do this on the train. I am aware that booking a while in advance offers the best deal on the TGV, but we are travelling in 10 days time as we have managed to get a late deal with Eurodisney. There seems to be a bewildering array of annual travel cards and other items. If anyone can provide a concise explanation I would be very grateful. Many thanks
  7. Claire Many thanks for your swift response. That is very useful. I would be interested to hear from anyone who has been in this situation. Our agent exclusively represents the insurance company and has suggested the mediation route. Could this be the opening shot in an attempt to negotiate the level of payout, as we have been led to believe that we were covered from the outset?  
  8. Hello I am looking for information on the following situation. Our barn roof collapsed due to a combination of water damage and high winds back in November. We had an expert come and assess the damage for the insurance company and as requested procured some quotes  from local companies. The expert stated when on site that we could not have been expected to see the water ingress as it was 7m up on top of a wall. The claim was submitted and we have sat waiting with a fair amount of chasing to our agent. Last week we had a verbal confiirmation from our agent that the claim would not be covered, they have mentioned a 'mediator' and we have had no further contact. Does anyone have experience of this sort of situation? How does the mediator operate? What would be our next step? Should we be getting a solicitor involved at this stage? Thanks in anticipation.
  9. Hi  I was about to send in my application for a certificate of conformity to the DRIRE for processing. I looked into the forum for any further info I may need to know and some threads appeared detailing some users long list of further requests eg. proof of headlamps being changed etc At this stage I only want the certificate and will proceed with mechanical changes when I have it, before making my application for the carte gris. I was just going to send in the Demande d'identification with a cheque - is this all I will need for the CoC? Any help much appreciated.
  10. Thanks very much for your response Will. I need to track down an international accountant. We had spoken to a French accountant who seemed to be saying that if we declare my wifes earnings and tax paid on my return then the authorities here would reimburse what would effectively have been an overpayment. I cannot believe that this could be so, hence my continual digging. She is already on my helathcover here so one would assume that can be left alone. If anybody knows of a specialist accounting company that would be very useful. Thanks again Will.
  11. Hi I am currently doing research into this issue. My wife is intending to operate as a self employed lecturer in the UK but only for around 80 days per year. I am registered here. We would like to proceed in this way, actually we probably have to - but do not want to pay twice. I am aware from reading this thread and others that every situation is different and it is a 'minefield' but would welcome any comments. Furthermore does anyone know where we can get some definitive advice about our personal circumstances. Many thanks
  12. Thanks Nick It was the registration part that I did not know. I had already found one headlamp on E bay currently bidding at 1 euro. Just the other one to find and I think it may be on the road. Thanks again.
  13. Hi We had a condensor boiler fitted (not that make) but the salient point being you would qualify for a tax rebate of around 45% of the cost of the boiler. We were offered this or a standard boiler the rebate meant that the condensor boiler turned out to be the same cost - but it should supply your hot water for free when the heating is on. Ours is a de dietrich and has been very efficient.
  14. Hi Can anyone advise me of the amount I will be charged for a carte gris for my 1992 Nissan Sunny 1.6? Nissan  UK are charging £90.00 for the certificate of conformity. I need new headlamps and a CT so this is the missing figure before I calculate whether to leave it in the barn or get it on the road. Thanks in anticipation.
  15. Hi We had town gas connected last year. The cost of connection by GDF was around 350 euros. At the same time we had a very fancy condensor boiler fitted. This is to run potentially 20 odd radiators and was fitted for 6000 euros. We get all our hot water for free when the heating is on. If you have this type of boiler fitted you can claim back 45% ish in a tax rebate (assuming you are paying tax). I would think you are looking at around 5000 ish if radiators need to be fitted and connected as this is the time consuming bit. It is best to get your plumber to handle the inspection by EDF of the new installation as they will have to certify it before the gas can be turned on. It may seem like an expense but well worth it in the long run.  
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