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  1. Thanks to all for the posts. I've been busy looking at the sites suggested and see what you mean.

    Now that you've frit me (in my best interests) I will check out exactly what is being replaced. Maybe I've been a little too confident with it as the chappy who works for the company is a neighbour and we know him and his parents very well. Mrs KG
  2. Ooooh no it's not going to be a 'bodge' job the whole lot is coming out. The original windows around 25 years old were installed by the english owner at the time. The chappy from the company who has quoted for the replacements was absolutely astonished when I opened the windows - he said he'd heard about english windows opening out but had never seen any. I explained that there would be a lot of window cleaners out of jobs if the brits adopted the french system - he found it even more difficult to get his head around a man with a ladder, bucket and sqeezy arriving every now and then to clean windows! Mrs KG
  3. Hi all,

    I've had a quote for replacement pvc windows and for replacement of the exterior rotten wood on the outside of the dormers and the triangle above the windows - hope this makes sense.

    If someone can please tell me what this means as shown on the devis I would be extremely grateful. Thanks Mrs KG

    Dormant: Dormant Reno aile 39

    Seuil: Dormant et cornière pan coupé.

    Accessoires inclus: 1 x Grille 30m3/h Mini ESEA 37 dB(A)
  4. Does anyone know of a plumber who will come out in an emergency near to Lassay Les Chateaux/Ambrieres Les Vallees. The hot water tank started to leak 23rd December and I had to wait until the 26th before a new tank could be installed so was without water all over Christmas. Today a hot water tap started to drip, fortunately I now know where and how to turn off the water outside but have to wait until tomorrow for the usual plumber to come out and fix it so have once again filled up endless bowls with water before turning off at the mains. So if anyone can recommend an emergency plumber should I need one again (fingers crossed not) I would be very grateful. Thanks,

    Mrs KG - a lady who is learning slowly how to do DIY!
  5. Hello ladies out there and maybe some gents?

    For anyone who is a fan of FU like me for gifts for friends/family & of course for the OH oh and not forgetting for myself, I have recently discovered AB which is cheaper and delivery is free if you spend over £20/E25 compared to FU which is free for purchases over £30/E40 euros.

    If you are not aware, it's necessary with FU to check out the price for the same article on their .fr .com & .uk .eu sites as the normal price can differ for the same item and the special offers differ from site to site as well some being much better than others. So for me, it's farewell FU and hello AB.

    Mrs KG
  6. Thanks to all for the replies and yes my mistake 1100KG!

    Reused the box the book originally came in with a bit more bubble wrap and loads of parcel tape and set off to the post office this morning and was very pleased to pay E16.50. So thanks to all for your input and I can now RIP that the mother in law will get a book that she will love and not be expecting and one that will keep her quiet for a while!

    Mrs KG
  7. Totally agree with you Visky. Parsnips on this forum has been so much help especially when I took over from the OH the tax form completion last year - I wasn't at all sure of what I was doing but can confidently say that I do now and had this years tax/ps worked out and to my surprise the bill arrived and I was 1 euro out!

    a most grateful Mrs KG
  8. Thanks for the posting as I have done exactly the same this year and had intended to show it exactly as Parsnips as said.

    I do have a question regarding the 3916 form. Would a UK draw down pension of this type mean that it is an account that should be listed on the 3916 form. What was originally just a personal pension plan is now, due to the new british government changes has become a glorified investment account.

    What a conundrum! Thanks, Mrs KG
  9. Thanks Wooly, I missed my chance of sending it back with a friend (I forgot) so I may just get another copy sent and keep this one for myself. That said it's going to cost £10 to send a copy as it was from the Folio Society but it sounds like that would be a cheaper option.

    Mrs KG
  10. Hi all,

    I have a book that I would like to send to the UK as a gift for Christmas. The book weighs around 1100kg value around £40. What be the best way to send it to the UK ie should I pack it myself or use one of the boxes at La Poste and does anyone have any idea how much this might cost. Some years ago I sent an A4 calendar which cost me 13 euros - ouch as that was more than the calendar itself so unfortunately for the recipient if the cost is going to be extortionate they wont be receiving a book for Christmas.

    Thanks, Mrs KG
  11. We get a sonic boom at least once a month here on the border of Normandie/Mayenne. Last week two jets that usually come over once a week were really low, lower than usual and the sound of them was deafening. The cats, horse and dogs were quite disturbed by the noise. So was I and I have a hearing problem!

    Mrs KG
  12. Blodwyn hope that all is well now with the OH.

    There was a gardening horror programme on ITV last night. One lady had cut the green tops off of her parsnips that were lolling over the path. As her garden is private and it was a hot day she took her top off. She scooped up the parsnips leaves in her arms holding them to her body to throw them to the pigs. Next day she was covered in terrible looking blisters and had to go to hospital. Conclusion was don't cut parsnip tops in the heat and scoop them up unless you are wearing clothing with long sleeves and gloves as the sap reacts with the heat/sun and that is what caused the problem. They also belong to the giant hogweed family.

    Mrs KG
  13. This is take from the website www.britishinfrance.com and I thought some may not be aware and may want to sign the petition. Apologies if it has already been posted somewhere else in the forum. I haven't looked as over the last weeks I haven't had the time or inclination due to my very ill cat who has just departed this life. Mrs KG

    As a service to our fellow Britons in France, we urge you to support two recently-created online petitions to the UK government: one on the healthcare question, the other on the pensions question.

    1. Petition "Commit to healthcare arrangements for British pensioners living in the EU"

    The petitioners say: “British pensioners living in the European Union (EU) could lose their right to free or low-cost healthcare when Britain leaves. We call upon the Government of the United Kingdom to commit to maintaining the current healthcare arrangements for British pensioners living in an EU country.

    “Whilst Britain is a Member State of the European Union (EU), British pensioners living in another EU country are entitled to the same healthcare as nationals of the country in which they live. This is funded from the United Kingdom. Once Britain leaves the EU, this may change. We call upon the Government of the United Kingdom to make a commitment that the same or equivalent healthcare provision will be in place before Britain leaves the EU in order that there is no break in continuity of care.”

    To sign the petition "Commit to healthcare arrangements for British pensioners living in the EU", please click on this link: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/156984.

    2. Petition “Maintain Pension increases for British pensioners living in the EU”.

    The petitioners say: “Depending on what treaties are agreed for Britain's exit from the EU, some British pensioners living in the EU may lose their annual State pension increases. We call upon the Government of the United Kingdom to commit to maintaining these increases for all British pensioners living in the EU.

    “Annual State Pension increases for British pensioners living overseas are only paid in 16 countries outside of the EU, and Britain has not signed any new treaties for this since 1981. When Britain exits the EU, the mechanism that allows pension increases to be paid there will also cease. For this reason, we call upon the Government of the United Kingdom to ensure that when the UK leaves the EU, appropriate provision is made with the European Union to allow the payment of these increases.”

    To sign the petition “Maintain Pension increases for British pensioners living in the EU”, please click on this link: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/161717.
  14. Angie, we received a letter and brochure a couple of months ago. Is this what you are referring to? I was trying to pay on-line but it didn't work at that point in time, visited the local Tresor to pay by cheque as I would normally do only to be told that they no longer take the payment and it had to be posted to Rennes!


    Mrs KG
  15. You are correct people of my age did start work at 15. I couldn't get out of school fast enough. At 15 I got an offer from the Co-op to train as a florist.

    Do parents and children/teenagers sit around the table and have debates anymore? Doubt that many do as I'm sure if they did many old & young may have voted differently.

    Mrs KG
  16. Thanks Chrissie & pomme. I've been sat here for several hours wandering through the mentioned websites and have found some useful info. I do need to see BMD certificates now to confirm that I am on the right track. You have all given me access to a lot of free information and the census' are great but I'm finding that I'm not just tracking back BM&Ds but am noting down the occupations & other bits of information and have even found - well I think I have - that several children were being looked after by the church so I can only presume that the parents must have died - how sad is that.

    Mrs KG
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