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  1. Have a look at the open university courses for french. It costs around £450 but is much cheaper than an immersion course and you do a little everyday which I have found very helpful for my old grey matter! The course lasts for around 9 months and you do monthly assignments which are marked. You can do a paper course or an online course. You are assigned a teacher that you can converse with by email or phone and you have access to a chat forum which is very helpful. I have done the beginners course and can recommend it. Chris
  2. When I was a kid 40+ years ago, I ran down a mound of soil stopping when the palm of my hand hit the wall in front of me. Unfortunately a rusty nail went through my hand. A few days later as it was going a strange shade of green I showed my aunt she put a mound of sugar on the wound followed by a slice of green fairy soap (remember those bars) got a large plaster to cover the lot and within a fews days the would was clean and virtuall healed - nothing like good old fashioned housewives remedies ! CG
  3. Help needed please to a number of questions.

    I made a visit to the doctor who brought up my details on his pc but I forgot to give him my carte vitale (i'm on an E106 at the moment) and he was obviously too polite to mention payment.

    I attended the hospital in mayenne for treatment and a week later received a bill from the laboratoire pathologie for the tests which I returned with copies of my CV doc and top up insurance docs which they asked for but returned with a very polite letter saying I must send a cheque for payment which I did. I have now received a feuille de soins for the amount I sent less a couple of euros. The top bit of the form is typed up with my name address and dob.

    My question is what do I do now with it? Can I claim this amount or some of it back?

    Do I just write in my immatriculation number and not the code de l'organisme de rattachement etc? and where do i send it or can i take it in directly to my local CPAM office?

    the next question is what about paying my doctor do i return with apologies or does he receive payment via another route?

    thank, KG
  4. I wonder if someone can help?

    We bought a new imac last year in the UK. We initially just had the phone line via FT but when we arrived permanently and wanted access to the internet we subscribed to orange and got ourselves a livebox.

    For some reason I cannot get a copy of the monthly orange bill ie everytime I try I get an error message - can someone tell me what I'm not doing! I want to see what I'm paying for as the monthly bill can vary between 53 euros and 67 euros a month and I don't know why so perhaps one of you tekkies could enlighten me.

    Also, we are on haut debit at 39.90 per month as we knew two of the relatives we speak to in the UK normally chat for up to 2 hours. Can someone tell me if we have the best contract. One of these friends is elderly and does not have internet but the other now has skype and has recommended we use it as she says we can then speak for as long as we like for free.

    Thanks, Chris

    I know nothing about skype and am not much into technology.
  5. Thanks for all the replies.

    Benjamin - the electrician that's fitting the heaters said I would probably need to upgrade and I do think that it's necessary as late one evening last winter (I had 3 electric plug in heaters going the TV on and a couple of lamps on not forgetting the fridge) I went off to put the kettle on and then went upstairs - when I put the light on to go up - we were plunged into darkness and now to highlight the point of my ignorance, I thought we'd had a powercut so we went to bed as we'd been told that when you get one you can be out for hours. The next day around midday it occured to me that I might have tripped us out - yep twas a long time coming but I got there eventually!
  6. I'm about to have some electric heating fitted and need to upgrade from 6 to 9kW. Can someone tell me if EDF arrive and do the necessary from inside or is it done from the outside or is it a remote thing and someone presses a button somewhere and hey presto !

    As you can tell I know nothing about electricity!

  7. Re sockets, we had our bathroom refitted this year. The old bath which fit the width of the bathroom end to end was moved to come down the length of the wall giving us more room in our tiny bathroom the new bath tap fittings included a hand held shower rose. The electrician (french) said he would have to move the centre ceiling light onto the wall opposite the bath as they had to be at least 1 metre away from a bath/shower. He then said would we like a socket put in whilst he was at it, we agreed and much to our surprise a socket was put on the wall next to the basin about 6" above the basin. Nothing surprises us anymore!

  8. Hi all,

    I know someone out there will be able to advise so here's the question: when we bought our house we said it was to be in tontine. Does this clause appear somewhere in the deeds as I can't seem to find it and am now beginning to worry that it didn't happen.

    thanks in advance and am now in a slight state of panick !
  9. Sweet 17 france has exactly the same effect on us we always have to ask what day is it as for date never have a clue - isn't it lovely to be so free ! So glad you asked the question as it seems we are in the same position as you ie just received the avis and no tax to pay this year and we were having a discussion as to whether we signed and returned or signed and filed in the end we put on the deal with later pile.

    thanks to all for the replies also. chris
  10. Hi,

    I started with MT and worked through all the courses which I thought excellent and then went on to the vocabulary course (MT follow up by someone else) which just didn't work for me as I didn't like the way this course was put together but also felt I needed more day to day phrases. I signed up for the Open University beginners course and that I enjoyed very much and you get a tutor to speak with which is very helpful for ironing out those uncertainties !

    Hope this is of help. Chris
  11. Is it correct that under french law the spouse now inherits everything if there are no children but one parent of the deceased is still alive?

    Having visited our notaire she thought it was unnecessary that we make a will as we have no descendants but very kindly got someone in the office to type up what we needed to say in french, told us to take it home, hand write one copy each and then return, the cost for the two wills is 140 euros.

    We are wondering whether to bother with the will but I do have one parent still alive (I also have a brother & sister) and would like to ensure the OH is protected.
  12. Could someone please tell me what this means:

    Centre de gestion de la fonction publique territoriale

    reason for asking is yesterday a found a missed call on the phone and when I looked up the number via pages jeune this is what it came up with.

    ta very much in advance. Chris
  13. We had some friends round last night who said they had a problem in their basement/cellar. Apparently they went down to find a very neat round hole about 1in in diameter a little way up from floor level eaten through the placo and bits of polystyrene on the floor. They have a plastic bag of bird seed on the floor in the cellar which was untouched so they've discounted mice. They filled in the hole put down some food scraps and a trap. The following day the food and trap is untouched but another hole has appeared a little further a long the placo. Does anyone have any idea what might be trying to get out/in!

    Thanks, Chris
  14. Not sure if this is a local thing but the supermarket Leclerc at Ferte Mace reduces the prices of petrol and diesel for the day on the first saturday of every month - it's usually around 5 centimes a litre cheaper but we have two cars one petrol, one diesel and fill a couple of cans - every little helps as they say !!

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