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  1. Hi, we bought our house from an english agent who lives in france but not because he was english but because he had the house we wanted which as it happened was the last agent we saw and the last house we viewed. Originally we contacted La Residence who made appointments for us with 2 french estate agents and 3 english estate agents (all live in france). I would definately recommend La Residence for brits looking to buy (and sell) in france. Perhaps the only downside from a buyer's point of view is that some of the cheaper properties we wanted to see were already under offer when we arrived in france for the viewings, however, that was 6 years ago and things are much slower at the moment.

  2. Hi Danny,

    I've just been looking at 'mon compte internet' and under 'consulter/modifier' I appear to have added the 7 euros option ! I have just received a confirmation email so hopefully that is it but then my french isn't that good so I think it's wait and see otherwise. Incidentally the offer has a 50% reduction until 1st April if anyone else is thinking of adding one of these options.

    thanks again, Chris
  3. Hi Danny, I think you have answered my question. As you say, I am on the net package without the FT line ie 39.90 + 3.00 for the livebox but when sold this option I wasn't told about the 7 euros extra option which is interesting as it was orange that I spoke to by phone that recommended I move from the 29.90 to the 39.90 package as she said it would be much cheaper for me to ring family in the UK with this option - pity she didn't mention the 7 euros at the same time! I've look at the link you posted - thanks. I'm usually on the phone for at least 3-4 hours per month to a UK landline (don't ring mobile phones in the UK).

    Thanks for your help a godsend, I've been sitting here all morning twiddling with wires and translating french docs getting through numerous cuppas and getting thorougly piddled off so thanks again....Chris
  4. Hi Tim, thanks for the reply. The package I have is 39.90 per month which should include calls to europe. My last phone bill lists my calls to the UK and the charge for each call.

    From what I've read I thought that calls over the internet are received at the other end by an 09 number I know this is not the case as my family tell me it's my 02 number. According to my contract I do have an 09 number.

    Oh dear I'm a bit confused! Chris

  5. Hi,

    I finally have my mac osx version 10.4.11 wifi up and running and my orange livebox is working with a phone plugged in and I can make calls and receive calls. What I need to know now is (I'm not the slightest bit technical so need simple instructions in english!) how do I make free calls to the UK using VOIP as I haven't a clue what to do next and am paying for these calls at the moment at around 25 extra euros a month which is stupid I know!

    Any help gratefully received, and thanks in advance.... Chris

  6. My friend went into the pharmacy and asked if they had any emery boards. The assistant went and got the pharmacist who took her into a side room. By this time my friend was a little bemused. The pharmacist in excellent english said 'madame I believe you need something for haemorroids !

    Oh la la we did giggle ! Chris
  7. Hi, can you someone tell what the correct phrase would be for asking the lady on the till at the supermarket to take off the bill the money I have collected over several months on my lerclerc card. One lady did say to me 'enlever' but when I tried this at a later date I got one of those looks that meant I'd said it wrong or said it in a terrible accent!

    Thanks, Chris
  8. Llantony, it's because I was referring to Rob's post further up the posts and was interested in where I can put my money - offshore accounts means you can have the interest paid gross which makes it easier when declaring on your french tax return and therefore get taxed by the french tax authorities ie not have to reclaim from the UK which takes an age. Also these accounts tend to pay better interest rate. Chris
  9. Hi, a quick update as I'm sure it will happen to someone else! We received a letter from CPAM asking us to return urgently as they required more information. Slightly alarmed we returned with all our documents and thinking that the werthers had left a nasty taste. However, it appears the forms attached to my wife's letter (see previous posts) should have been attached to my letter. This made a difference in that the form should have been filled in in my name, wife's details following not the opposite way round which we had done. He gave us a new form which he allowed us to fill out in his office. He was very polite, we laughed and my wife found another werther in her pocket which she offered to him. Now should we get another call I will presume it's the werthers he's after! Nigs

  10. Hi all,

    A quick update on our visit to the CPAM office this afternoon.

    We took the CPAM form duly filled in and signed and our tax return and marriage certificate, passports and our carte vital cards. Oops, then we were asked for our P60s for 2007/8 - we nipped home fortunately only 4 kilomentres dug out the P60's and returned. We were then asked for our P60's for 2006/7 - we nipped home again and it took slightly longer to dig those out and we returned. We had some difficulty trying to make him understand that my wife was unemployed from Jan 5 07 but had received some job seekers allowance until 28 feb 07 because she was unemployed. More difficulty came when showing my wife's P60 from Canada Life as she took a very very small pension from March 07. I think he may just have given up on us in the end and took everything off to photocopy. On leaving my wife gave him a werther's original sweet - hells bells we'll probably be had up for bribery and corruption however he did laugh so hopefully all will go well (in my dreams) !! Nigs
  11. Thanks SD are off to the CPAM office tomorrow taking with us everything we can think of but keeping it all under cover! Hopefully whatever they ask for we will be able to produce and they will be so impressed it will all be a doddle! (in my dreams). Thanks for the reply. Nigs
  12. Hi boiling frog, the second form is: 'Remboursement Pour Un Beneficiaire Sans Protection Social Personnelle' which I'm guessing covers us whilst we are in/out of the system.

    I reach pensionable age before my wife - can't think why I would be benefiting from her 106. Nigs
  13. Hi all, just to let you know that the letter from newcastle arrived on wednesday so obviously not too much of a backlog as previously thought. We printed off the form someone kindly led us to by a link on this section but interestingly yesterday we both received letters froml'assurance maladie saying our protection sociale was assured until 03/01/09 but now is no more after this date. We now have to tell them our situation.

    My wife's letter not mine has an extra sentence added as follows:

    Veuillez nous retourner l'imprime ci joint complete et signe, tous les justificatifs de l'annee 2007 ainsi que l'avis d'imposition des revenus de l'annee 2007 (I think someone on this page said they were asked for 2008 figures) and with my wife's letter is enclosed the forms CMU Protection de base and Remboursements pour un beneficiaire sans protection sociale personnelle and the Remboursements and conjoint underneath have been marked with a yellow highlighter. I only received the letter no forms.

    Can anyone enlighten as to why my wife has received the forms - or am I just reading something into nothing. Also is the second form cover whilst we are without our CV as the letter asks us to post them back with the forms.

    Sorry I've written a book here but I'm trying to get things done right the first time around!

    many thanks in advance.......nigs

  14. Just to let anyone know who may be waiting for their letter that when I rang yesterday the lady said the letter would be sent as soon as possible but that there was a backlog so it could be a while. Chris
  15. Hi all,

    Our E106 runs out in 6 Jan 09. We have had our carte vitales since July 07. My question is what do we do next as at some point they are going to want us to pay into the system for the next 10 years ouch !

    many thanks in advance.....Chris

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