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  1. We had a very old Deville when we bought the house, it was very good but we changed it for a Godin cuisinere as we thought it was well past it's sell by date. Re the Godin, excellent for warmth although I've never really got to grips with the oven. Reason being, when we first bought the house we had no insulation whatsoever and the front door didn't fit properly so the weather came in making the house very cold. However since we've been insulated, plasterboarded and had a new front door fitted we find the cuisinere is far too warm and not particularly controllable and are considering changing it in the next couple of years (when we've saved up enough!). Also consider the possibility of both of you being ill at the same time which is what happened to us at the end of last year ie I had a back problem and couldn't get the logs in (or do anything for that matter) and the OH went down for a fortnight with a virus - it was only then that it occurred to us will we want to be bothered/healthy enough to be chopping logs for the cuisinere. So, before we get too much older we are thinking about an Everhot - expensive but a neighbour of mine has an electric Aga and swears by it as it is completely controllable - now we are not in the market for an Aga but if anyone has any info about the Everhot I would be most grateful.
  2. Just to clarify, the supplier mentioned above is a supplier not a fitter in france although he is qualified to fit in the UK. We used a qualified fitter in our area who installed new tubing and the stove in accordance with the regulations.

    Previous to our ownership, an english person had fitted or should I say rammed some tubing upwards which kinked near the top because the chimney isn't quite straight and according to our neighbour the person who owned the house previous to the person before us lit the insert which actually sat on the hearth and not inserted at all and without any tubing whatsoever then lowered the mantel to ensure the smoke went up the chimney and not into the room. Fearless freddies I think as I certainly wouldn't have been able to sleep during the night with the fire lit knowing those circumstances.
  3. If you are in the Mayenne area have a look at ginterwoodstoves.com but even if you are miles away, they are full of knowledge and would be only to pleased to give you some advice. He collects from the UK and delivers to you in France.

    We bought a Hunter Villager 8kw stove february last year from them and it delivers far better heat than the old 14kw insert that was in the house when we bought it. We also use far less wood which is an added bonus. We paid in sterling (you can pay in euros) and it cost £650 including delivery - worth every penny.

    Hope this is helpful to you.
  4. I had a new bathroom suite fitted last year by a french plumbing firm and asked if I could change the existing rocker light switch for a pull cord. The answer was no as it was not legal in bathrooms. He also said he would have to move my centre ceiling light as regulations stated it must be 1 metre away from the bath/shower and I now have two spot lights situated on the wall. However, he then asked if I would like an electric socket fitted for hairdryers etc and to my surprise he fitted one to the left of the hand basin.

    I have learnt over the last couple of years to 'run with it' as many things seem contradictory but then I am not a plumber ni electrian etc.

  5. You could also contact Ginter Wood Burning stoves. Based in Mayenne selling well known UK and French stoves and all the parts that go with them. I'm sure if anyone can get what you want he can. You can find his details via the euromayenne website or pages jeunes - (Marcus Ginter). If you are interested and can't find his details let me know as I have his telephone number.

  6. This is an interesting subject - my next door neighbour who is british and the house is a holiday home wanted to employ a gardener. The gardener who I'll just refer to as G, british and residing here permanently wanted to do the work on the black. My neighbour wanted to be up front and so was told by G that was fine but there would be an extra 5 euros per hour to cover the tax and to go to the bank to set up a Cheque D'emploi. Neighbour goes to Credit Agricole who say as she is not resident in France it is not possible to do so as she could not pay her part of the contribution. She has now terminated G and it using an english chappy registered as a micro entreprise and is very happy with this arrangement.

  7. Thanks Christine Animal, as I shop at Leclerc I'll look out for the tins for cats - at least that way she gets a little treat now and again! Do you give you cats cream? ie the little boxes of Delice cream - again I'm sure this is not good for cats but I can't take everything away at the same time. She (Dora) came to us as a stray and being soft in the head we've spoilt her cos we love her to bits !

  8. Have care if giving a cat tuna as it is detrimental to their health. We found this out only last week (google is tuna good for my cat) and our cat will only eat tinned tuna which she has been having now for around two months along with Purina One biscuits. We stopped the tuna at the weekend having read up about it. Now we are in Coventry! Will probably be in tinbuktu by friday as she is getting the worm treatment this week as well.


    PS our cat has never liked whiskas so it ended up feeding the local stray. If you look at the label of most tinned cat foods the amount of viande and sous products is 4% so what does the other 96% contain?
  9. Hi Krusty, our bill is also 28.22 for the 2 months and we also are on 9kw.

    October last year we had electric heating installed and were advised to move up from 6kw, the abonnement was 14.11 which doubled when we moved up to 9kw. We increased to 9kw as we had already witnessed several instances in winter late at night when we had 4 electric plug in rads working, the TV on, a couple of lights and if we forgot to turn off one of the rads to put the kettle on - Bang we went into overload zone. Not nice searching for a torch in the pitch black !

  10. I loved Angel A, you need to stay with it as for the first few minutes you may wonder what on earth it is all about. Totally different but I thought it brilliant.

    Not too sure but I think Nikita was the same director/producer.

  11. Does that mean there is a product resembling 'Carnation' evaporated milk? Yes - it's called "le lait concentré non-sucré".

    Sorry, confused as always, are you saying that lait concentre non-sucre is the watery type you put on jelly and that WITH sucre would be the thick type you boil in the tin for banoffi pie?

    Just trying to distinquish between evaporated milk and condensed milk!

  12. Clair, I was surprised because as it seems impossible to get single and double cream as in the UK in my mind I'd written off getting any other type of milk/cream products. Does that mean there is a product resembling 'Carnation' evaporated milk? Ooh if there is I will now be hyperventilating on jelly and carnation ! which leads to another question, is there an equivalent for 'Rowntrees' fruit jelly. I was going to begin a regime this week but with all this talk of sweet things looks like it's on hold.................again!

  13. That's a bit worrying as we draw in cash our pension monthly from our UK account and then immediately pay the cash into our CA account. Do you have a bank postale account as you could pay your cash into that account and then transfer to your CA account - a bit of faff but one way around the problem. By the way (in case you don't know) to pay cash into the post office you need ID, driving licence is fine or if like me you don't have one then your passport is acceptable.

  14. I was surprised to see a tin of Nestle lait concentre in Leclerc (Mayenne) when shopping last week and now banoffi pie is haunting me. Can't imagine my french friends liking it as they always think my desserts are far too sweet ! They even think my parsnip soup is too sweet and that's without sugar!

  15. Thanks Claire,

    Have just been into the Tresor and it's a bill for emptying my poubelle. Apparently it is sent yearly in April but it seems our bill went astray! Mind you I thought it was something far more serious as for some reason I always expect the worst here in france.

    Do all departments receive a separate bill for emptying their bins - at what amounts to €2.50 per week I shall make more use of my bin !

    As always thanks for the responses - it's good to talk as they used to say. Chris
  16. Hi, I would be very grateful if someone could please help me as to what this reminder of payment might be for as this is the first letter I've received from the Tresor Public asking for this payment and I really do not have a clue as to what it is for.

    L'exament de votre situation arretee a la date du 05/06/09 montre que vous restez redevable des produits dont les references figurent ci-apres pour un montant total de 119.48 euros.

    Thanks in advance. Chris

    Date de emission de la piece 30/04/09

    No de piece R-1192

    Numero d'ordre 1

    Titre 36 Role 25

    Montant 119.48

  17. Sorry not very french but does anyone have a recipe for pannacota the sort sold by M&S with lashings of blueberries on the top! and if so could you tell me which cream etc to buy here in france.

    Many thanks in advance, Chris
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