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  1. Hi, Thanks for that. I looked it up and as they don't appear to harm the trees they can carry on crimping! Mrs KG
  2. Hi Vette Thanks for the info, I did see Infosec on Amazon. I recently replaced my very very old B&O TV with a new one so I'd like to do what it takes to protect it especially as I know that if it fails to work due to a power surge it will be very expensive to get repaired. I see you've got Bose surround - now you've made me think that I'd better get another one for the sound system!! I didn't know about the lamp warning so I better check the one for the cooker! oooh la la la la la la Mrs KG
  3. Hi Andy, We bought one as insisted by Orange & guess what - whenever there's a storm I disconnect the phone & livebox etc! Mrs KG
  4. Hi all, I want to buy a parafoudre (or three) for the TV & humax box connected to a double socket with the TV plugged into a TP link wifi extender. I've been looking on Amazon france and there's a variety to choose from so I thought I'd ask the oracles on the forum as I know you will give me some good advice. If I'm sounding double dutch it's because I'm not techno inclined but think I ought to do something to protect the TV etc due to the amount of storms we've had lately. Mrs KG
  5. 12 years ago when having the bathroom done out I thought about an electric shower until told it was illegal. My reason was that we have an electric cooker that's also used as a heat source and on continually throughout the year and so for drinks, washing pots & other hot water needs I boil the kettle thus only needing the hot water tank heated for showers. I'm not great at maths so decided to work it out in a practical fashion ie noting the meter reading twice daily ie when HC kicked in at 22:30 & HP at 06:30. I found that overnight the cooker & fridge/freezer used 3 units of power but heating the tank used an extra 11 units for loads of hot water that went unused. For some years now I flick the hot water switch on for between 1/2 - 1 hour each night at 22:30 (More than enough for two of us for showers). In total the fridge/freezer/cooker & hot water now uses between 2-4 units maximum each night. Now this might not be a huge saving but it does make a difference over the year being an all electric household. Sorry to have gone on a bit but thought it might help. Mrs KG
  6. Hi all, My lilacs look like someone has nipped in during the night with pinking scissors and pinked every leaf edge - quite unbelievable even if pretty! Anyone know who the culprit might be? thanks, Mrs KG
  7. Much thanks to you all, I've done it! What would I do without you folks? Mrs KG
  8. Hi all, I have a really silly question! My telephone rings about four times and then goes over to voicemail. Try as I might I cannot find any info on how to get it to ring for at least 30 seconds as we only have 1 phone and it's upstairs and by the time I've tripped over myself, lost a slipper on the stairs, almost knocked a tooth out and then raced to the bedroom, the call has gone into the messaging service and of course not everyone wants to leave a message. Can you help please? Thanks Mrs KG
  9. Thanks for all the replies. I have heard your suggestions and have now forwarded the voice message to a french neighbour who is always very helpful - (he spent three years working in London) it's just that I don't want to be a pest! It's a company that is going to do a repair for me and I've been waiting for him to contact me for some weeks. My original email asked him to communicate via email and the lady who usually answers the phone does so although I can actually understand her on the phone it's him that I can't. Yesterday he left his mobile number and I think in his message he was apologising for not coming sooner and that his shop was be amenager? but then I lose the thread as it goes on and just managed to pick up his mobile number. Thanks again, Mrs KG
  10. Hi all, This is going to sound barking I know but is there such a thing as a translater for french to english telephone messages. In this age of being able to do almost anything I rather think there must be. I ask because I have a message that I just can't understand, I've listened to it over and over and can only manage to get his mobile phone number and although I have asked him to send an email he insists on using the phone and he doesn't speak any english and he knows my french is not good and over the phone I find it really difficult. Thanks, Mrs KG
  11. Hi Chancer "I assumed that meant 3 payments over 6 bills, how do you interprete the above" Well my french aint good so I may have got it wrong & after much head scratching I interpret it as follows (I should have said on every other 2 bills) Was added to April's bill Wont be added to my June & August bills Wiill be added to my October bill Wont be added to the December & February bills Final payment added to next April 2016 bill Chris (think I need alcohol with my lunch now!)
  12. Hi, If I've understood correctly, EDF is going to spread the repayment in 3 instalments on every other bill until June 2016. It appeared on the April bill under consumption & subscription - I pay every two months - April I paid an extra 15 euros. My yearly bill for the period they refer to was just on 1400 euros. Chris
  13. Thanks for the info, I've checked date and time and both are correct and the automatic update is on also. Mrs KG Update: this morning I've gone straight into my email box without the safari message so whatever the problem was it appears to have sorted itself - well for the timebeing! Mrs KG
  14. Hi all, Before my line connection went down two weeks ago, I used to open my emails from the Orange page by clicking the 'Mail' box. Since my reconnection I now get a message every time to say 'Safari cannot verify the identity of website 'webmail 1m'. I get the option to continue, cancel or show certificate. The 'webmail 1m' can sometimes read 'Webmail 1e or 1c, 1g etc. Is this normal? If I click on the box below Mail on the Orange page ie 'Boite Vocals' I go straight in (no message), I can then click on the mail tab to receive my emails Thanks, Mrs KG
  15. Thanks for all your replies. I could just about write what I want to say in french with the help of my Oxford dictionary of course but having somewhat calmed down I am wondering whether to bother. I've spoken to another french neighbour this afternoon who also has been without connection since last wednesday. He said when things work in france usually they are very good but when they go wrong it is a catastrophe. When I told him we had finally got the connection back his reply was (jokingly) that he has to wait until tomorrow that he is french and how come I got special attention. My reply was that there must be an english person working in that office! He's not too bothered as he said it's all way past his head and that it's his daughter that needs it for her Uni homework. I wouldn't usually bother too much but my MIL has just finished her cancer treatment and was going last week for her final scan - I haven't been able to ring her to chat etc. However as it is my birthday tomorrow and I will be 60 I am going to put all of this out of my grey matter for the time being. Many thanks once again for the replies. Mrs KG
  16. Hi all, Mrs KG here and doing her nut! Can some kind person tell me if there is an email address for complaining to Orange. I want to write in english preferably and do not want to telephone as I may use some very unreasonable words but I have had enough of Orange this year. We subscribe for 40 euros p.m. for internet/telephone/rental of livebox & cheap calls to the UK. So far this year the tele/internet line has been down for 2 days at the beginning of february. I then receive a letter to say I will be getting a new livebox and at the end of february as it will perform better than the old one etc (I didn't ask for a new one as the old one worked ok). A new livebox2 arrived at the end of feb but I think they must have disconnected me in advance of receiving the box as I didn't have a tele/internet connection for 4 days before it arrived! When it arrived it came with a note for me to return the old livebox in the box the new one came in, labels were supplied and the note stated to do it within 15 days. I then had to drive 20km to take it to the nearest collection point as stated by them for it to be picked up. May 6 - no connection again. Rang on Thursday 7th from my neighbours phone as I don't have a mobile. Their reply is can't come out to our house until today (monday) and will be there between 8-9am. No-one arrived but at 11.30am all the livebox lights were static green so I wandered off to try the pc and hey presto and thank goodness all is working. No-one rang to say the problem has been fixed so I could still be sitting waiting for a knock on the door. Now it would be very easy to be so relieved as to not complain but I've had enough and think I should be entitled to a small refund (well I can try!). I looked at Orange espace client but I just don't know where I should be sending my complaint. I would be very grateful for any info, thanks KG
  17. Hi Sue, No the visit was last year after receiving a shock at the size of the tax bill I received but that wasn't down to the 2TR/2TS boxes. So although it's too late for me as I've delivered my forms to the tax office maybe it would be wise for you to do some research - crikey I feel another headache coming on. Have a read of this - I have fixed investments (not life assurance) hence the reason I've used 2TS rightly or wrongly! http://www.barclays.fr/file/documentsite/documentation/AnnexeIFU_en.pdf (sorry don't know how to make a link live!) Incidentally, can someone tell us what difference it might make to declaring in 2TS instead of 2TR. Thanks KG
  18. Hello Scott I was advised to leave the French interest as it stands in the 2TR (ie don't cross it out and add the UK interest to it) and continue to put UK interest in 2TS which is what I've done. Fingers crossed it's OK as I don't want to have to visit the Impot again this year! KG
  19. Thanks Quillan. I've been on to my bank and informed them just in case. KG
  20. Hi, I've just had an email from AppStore showing a receipt for two games downloaded at a cost of £43.98 and that it is for my information but should it not have been me that downloaded the games then to click the link for further information. I haven't clicked the link. I have never downloaded any games or anything at all from the AppStore so wonder if it's a scam and if anyone else has had one of these emails. KG
  21. Hi I don't describe any of the accounts on the handwritten sheet that I supply as the 3916. We do have premium bonds and I write the name of the account ie National Savings & Investments, the account holder's name, account number and date of opening of the account and that is all. It's not been questioned by the tax office yet so I presume it's OK. Chris
  22. Update: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/motorists-warned-about-scam-emails https://www.gov.uk/government/news/don-t-get-caught-on-the-net-by-tax-rebate-phishing-scam Chris
  23. Hi all, Just wanted to make you aware of this email I received. I think it may be a scam as I have not been registered with the DVLA for 8 years and if you read the contents there are some errors. I've copied it over minus the link of course. I don't think the email address is correct but I haven't check it out yet. DVLA@ dvladriver.co You are eligible to recieve a refund Dear customer, We are currrently upgrading our database and we found that you are eligible to recieve a refund from your last payment made on our behalf. A refund can be delayed for a variety of reasons. As example, for submitting invalid records or applying over the deadline. To complete your refund application with us, you are required to fill out the form in the link below. If you refuses to complete your application within two weeks of receiving this email will cause the lose the specified amount and you will take full responsabilty for that. We sincerely apologise for any inconviniences this might have caused you. Thank you for your co-operation. (c) Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency Swansea SA6 7JL
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