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  1. Steve It's everywhere, but just remember that even the google spell check doesn't recognise 'dont',    perhaps cant - Oh dear,  is this what this is all about ? Regards Tegwini
  2. "Sorry tegwini but IMHO sweeping generalisations based on race or religion are offensive / racist".  quote Scooby Well that's your opinion.   At least you can have  an opinion and speak openly  in the west.   I don't believe that race is the issue.    And your quoted comment is offensive too.    I can accept anyone who makes the effort to integrate, can fit in, and within a generation or so can be considered British.  Muslims refuse to do this, and would force their ideas on the rest of us in the UK.   The French don't accept this.  I repeat that I fear for the future if Islam expands any more, which it is doing, and I certainly fear for the future of female Britons.   You're not by any chance, a sexist misogynist are you ? Tegwini  
  3. Yes  JR quite right, never have - you at least make sense since it is a word contraction,. The computer software (and others) ought to know better! Regards Tegwini
  4. "Western Christian history is not perfect, even recent religious history shows serious flaws but that in itself is a demonstration of how imperfect the human species is. The fact is that we are aware of it, can debate it, can critiscise it. Try that with Islam, the Muslims dont take critiscism very well at all"    quote Powerdesal    Spot on Steve- and just what I have been trying to say. Tegwini        
  5. I really find it hard to understand how so many do not understand how to use the apostrophe. Quick lesson: either when it's a word contraction        it is = it's,     can't  don't   wouldn't    etc. or when it's possessive                           Joe's shirt,    a year's pay etc.    not needed - the dog's kennel - the dog is in its kennel I have noticed dont, cant, when it was meant to be don't and can't, as well as misuse of the apostrophe on this forum recently, and it is so easy ! And, I am not a member of the "Apostrophe Protection Society" ! Tegwini
  6. What I am  anti  is extreme  right wing propaganda  designed to make us  think that all Muslims are a danger to our western culture and civilisation and they are  hell bent on  making western europe another Islamic state. quote BAF   Well that's what many of them are saying! Tegwini  
  7. I could quote many 'general' examples: sexual abuse of young boys by catholic priests, the cover ups which followed, maltreatment of single pregnant girls (particularly in Ireland), denial of contraception resulting in unwanted pregnancies, acute poverty and the spread of aids....    quote Scooby Well at least in the west we have remedies for such - priests are imprisoned, the RC  church has been sued, and many ignore the RC church on contraception- without fear of violence or death.    And, we do not stone to death pregnant unmarried girls - which does happen under Islam.  The RC Church opposes abortion to preserve the life of the unborn child (and we can disagree with that in the West), but under Islam is that even a consideration ? Even criticism of Islam can lead to death threats, and murder. Tegwini
  8. "You comment on muslims spreading their faith by the sword - but isn't that what the crusaders did?"  quote Scooby   No- suggest you read up on this.  Admittedly many crusaders were  not very 'Christian', and there were times when they were totally wrong. and even evil - eg the sacking of Constantinople, a Christian city (now Istanbul), but they mainly went with good intentions to free the Holy Lands from the Infidel. You probably are not aware, but Christianity was the main religion of the middle east - eg Cairo, Damascus, in fact all of the important cities were Christian before Islam, and the spread of Islam stopped the pilgrimages to the Holy Lands.  It was a duty to free the Holy Lands -   and they did not aim to conquer more than this. Islam did,  and  used violence,  and thankfully they were stopped by the grandfather of Charlemagne near Poitiers.  But, they still plan to set up a Caliphate in Europe.  And the way they reproduce might mean they will do this.  Our  descendents,  most especially females  are going to regret our present liberal policies.  Tegwini
  9. HI DOG Still no reply! "You will be glad to know I have held one of the Magna Cartas" .   quote DOG So where did you    HOLD  a Magna Carta ? Goodness me Dog, you can't be telling a whopper, a little untruth, being economical with the truth, can you ? I would not be glad to hear such - since I know it's utter rot. And it would not prove that you know anything about it,  or the evolution of English Common Law. You have proved that already. Tegwini
  10. Quite right Gluestick Faults and errors in the Christian church - and they admit them too,  and we can criticise, or prosecute the church too, without punishment, imprisonment, or even death.    It is clearly better to live in a Christian society than in a Muslim one hence the huge numbers already here, and trying to come here. Western countries are amazingly tolerant- enormous mosques, eg the giant one in London.  Wonder how many in  Moslem countries, eg Saudi Arabia ?   Are there any ? I know where I would prefer to be- as a female and a dog lover.   HERE in the west !!!  Come to think of it, aren't women and dogs given a similar status in parts of the Islamic world ? Tegwini
  11. Dog "You will be glad to know I have held one of the Magna Cartas" .quote DOG So where did you    HOLD  a Magna Carta ? But,  were you able to read it ???   Could you understand its language ?? Tegwini
  12. So where did you hold a Magna Carta ? Not many around. No real  or Muslim neighbours   Dog - in the New Forest nearly all WASP types - only one neighbour (fields, forest on 2 sides), the neighbour , ex-para Major, and he's worse than me.  Quite like curry, and OH has a few Hindu friends and clients, eaten with them and fed them here, but not curry!  Been to the odd Hindu wedding too.  Nice people. No just a female,  dog lover too, and I don't like the way Islam is spreading, and what it represents.  Also dislike the way our political masters compromise and give in for the sake of being PC. Tegwini
  13. "UK law has come indirectly from Muslim law and has some simularites today".   quote DOG No, not so. Too much on Wikipedia & not reading it carefully.  And Wikipedia is NOT the best place for information anyway.   We had the beginnings of English Common Law way before the emergence of Islam (Muhommed borm ca. 570 - 632). Islam spread across the Arabian peninsula, north Africa  and parts of Asia Minor and it took a  hundred years before they reached Spain, and thanks to Charles Martel they were stopped near Poitiers in 732.  Muslim conquests and conversion were  'by the sword' - convert or die!  Alfred the Great (849-899) in southern England was one of the first to attempt to codify the laws, many of which had been around for ages. Other Anglo-Saxon kings contributed, as did the Norman, Plantagenet and Angevin kings and their  clerics and scholars. Many laws are similar because they are based on the Bible, and the Biblical peoples (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) had some similar ideas, but you could say that about laws elsewhere too.  The Magna Carta, and other Cartas followed, and so very different from anything we see in Sharia law today. For example, in Magna Carta 1215 we have the rights of a widow safeguarded.   In Islam - ??!!   Didn't Muhammed marry a few, and even a child.   This would have been against the law  in England then.   The Christian church did a lot to safeguard the rights of women and children then, which were not great by today's standards, but eons better than in parts of the Islamic world  today!!  "I would think as many people have little freedom through poverty as through Islamic standards today". quote DOG  I am not sure what you mean here,   an ambiguous statement. Tegwini  
  14. Your pictures please............. Bugsy. Crikey Bugsy! Pictures on  35 mm slides -  you know my IT/forum technical skills are useless- wouldn't know where to start. Did you ever think of  poseing like your look alike Bert Reynolds ? How about it  ?   for all the old hippy  girls... Regards Tegwini    
  15. "Campaign in UK to end the monarchy and/or tell people not to vote and you will find yourself in a very secure place" Was that a quote gone wrong Dog ??  I do NOT believe you would would end up in a secure place for such ! In fact many in the UK are republicans and say so - even the odd MP.  As for voting , well !   all know we could say such-    just research it.  Quote gives the impression I said that and I DID NOT. Suggest you read the link provided by CK  mentioning that you can end up in prison even in Egypt for  disagreeing with Sharia law and merely saying so! If we have lost some freedoms in the UK, then people in some Islamic countries have less freedom that our ancestors had many hundreds of years ago. Tegwini
  16. Les anglais se promènent à moitié à poil, leurs nombreux gosses sont turbulents et courent partout, And, he's got a point here too. It made me cringe to read a long thread recently where many forum members gave support to someone complaining about a primary school where the disruptive English child refused to stay behind, ignored his teacher and ran home.  And the parent insisted that her child  always told the truth, so she concluded  that the teacher/assistants must be lying.  Wonder what that community now thinks of English kids and their parents? Tegwini
  17. Thanks Coops2 Must say I can still remember the 'growl' of the V8 engine. The rallying OH is an 'ex', I fired him eventually when it seemed as if I was being forced to drive a massive Trans Am or something similar super huge & fast to school, as he had a company Merc by then.  I refused and traded my Alfa with a cracked head (aluminium) which I was feeding water to constantly, for an Alfasud-  too tame for him by half.    I didn't ditch him in them, but soon after,  but husband now for nearly 30 yrs very different.  So whether he is taking chances in car rallying I don't really know. He seems to have been placed in a few rallies- rough & ready ones in SA.   As it was he also had an off-road bike then and did that too, as well as a racing dinghy.   Bit of a brat I fear.   I still think that he spoiled the Tiger by changing its engine. I agree with you about sensible shoes & cars, but one should have those little dreams now and then! Regards Tegwini
  18. Brand new out of the box ( and it was in a box exported from the UK to SA).  And I thought there was only one engine size, but it was 4.2 litres.   Removable hardtop and soft top.  Pale blue & black. Got slides somewhere if I only knew how to post them here. Which I don't! Silly times - did Johannesburg- Bulawayo in under 6 hours including frontier crossing time, the days when you saw the odd giraffe on the side of the road,  and a bit of street racing (not me) now and then. The odd Etype often used to try it on... Took driving test in it - the cop/inspector was more keen to see under the bonnet- and I did pass - somehow.  Also pranged it - but not seriously.   Toured around SA - Cape Garden route,  Northern Transvaal, all of Natal etc.   Lovely for that, but as I was a young hippie then we would often sleep in it - grim...   'back seats', really a little platform thingy, designed for legless midgets. Trouble is OH then was seriously silly, replaced engine with fully race-tuned 4.7 litre engine, and it needed a lower diff ratio of something, as it didn't like to use its first gear.  He's still out there, and now into rally driving - in his 60s - what a wally! It got traded in for a Merc and the company attempting to sell it said that it was a lemon although it was still  quite new. This was in the mid 1960s - happy days ... Regards Tegwini  
  19. Bugsy Hair too short, shirt conventional, shoes likewise - more like a future old codger!  But like it all the same! At least you haven't got a paper bag over your head. Regards Tegwini
  20. I learned to drive in a Sunbeam Tiger, drove an MGB GT, Alfa Sprint, and now have a Polo ! Always promised myself a Merc 250  or 280 SL with removeable hard top.  Trouble is these days, I would have to keep it in the garage and use the Polo - just in case.   And, they're a lot more than when I first lusted after one in the late 70s. Tegwini
  21. "Women don't do to well in the West either - for instance they are losing their jobs quicker than men in UK at the moment" quote Dog. Perhaps   - I have no knowledge of stats. on this.  But whether women don't do too well in the world of work, at least they are allowed to work, and  do have equal status to men in  education, health,  law,  etc.   On this most Muslim states are centuries behind most western states. Tegwini  
  22. Yes Gluestick This loss of civil liberties reminds me of medieval trials where it was not unusual for a society misfit to be charged, convicted and executed on a spurious charge of witchcraft.  Parallels,  I think with some of the recent cases of stonings in Islamic states.  I do think that there should be some limits to free speech, but even the 'historian' David Irving should be entitled to debate his subject - most realise that he is wrong.  I would have thought that the Oxford Union would be able to cope with him and actually debate the topic!  but I do believe that we need to remember: I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it It is of course a problem in an uneducated society ruled by fear by autocrats, and if you mix in some fanatical ideas supposedly based on a religious doctrine and preached by Mullahs to people who fear to be different then you have the situation we have at present in some Muslim countries.  Dr Goebbels knew this and used fear, and repetition as they do. How to keep free speech in Europe - if in fact do we still have it? At least we can have a moan on this forum and not fear arrest - so far ? Tegwini  
  23. Thank you Gluestick And, well put too.  We moan about the state of our governments - France UK ... but at least we can do that and not fear imprisonment.   Another example  to illustrate the backward nature of some Islamic states is the  missionary couple in the Gambia who both got a year's hard labour for sending emails that criticised the Muslim state.    That's why so many in the west object to the spread of Islam in Europe. Regards Tegwini
  24. Dog  Distillation of alcohol  - Ironic or what ? Trouble is, most of the inventions/developments/whatever  that count  have come from the West.  Sadly, to get back to my original post most  females get a raw deal in countries controlled by radical, and even less than radical forms of Islam. Tegwini  
  25. Would you prefer public executions, stonings and summary convictions by ignorant clerics ?? Sadly, some problems in our society  are problematic and seem insoluable- but people have their choices - and our society  partly because of individual rights has produced much of benefit to the world. In fact most of the inventions and discoveries - some perhaps not welcome to some people! The existence of booze- or not, I am not too concerned with as I do not enjoy it anyway, but at least we are not hypocrites about it and sell it openly - in the middle east it is still available, in spite of Muslims supposedly not drinking alcohol.  We do not owe that much of our scientific discoveries to Islam, admittedly some maths, but that would have been developed anyway. Again- what have they produced since then of value to the world ?   And what happened that  most became part of the third world? I do not accept that I have missed much in Isphahan,  I prefer to travel where there is some respect for women.  Santa Sophia in Istanbul yes - was built as a Christian cathedral in the Byzantine style and when conquered by the Moslems it was used as a stable!    Wonders of the world -  St Peter's in Rome,  any gothic cathedral -  Rheims, Notre Dame, Salisbury ... Tegwini ps you sound like an old puritan WB- bit different from some of your  recent posts!
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