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  1. Idun, If I may say so, I'm not reapplying, I'm applying for a blue badge, and what do you know about the circumstances of my condition, zilch, you are passing a judgement about a condition that you know absolutely nothing about, unless of course your a doctor, which I very much doubt. Can I explain that the cause is due to a respiratory illness concerning three elements coal, asbestos & smoking.Yes all three have contributed to the condition that I'm suffering from.I'm now actually waiting for a lung transplant.
  2. Hi Chancer, The plan is that the helicopter will land in the stade's grounds so I shall be transported from my home the the Stade then loaded into the chopper and away. This is by far the quickest way. This will only take 15 minutes as apposed to 45+ minutes, so I should be on the table and ready for the knife in just over half an hour.
  3. This is my first time applying for a blue parking permit, I was actually able to download these forms. My doctor then filled in and signed the relevant forms.I then filled in my details then sent off the application form three months ago. Six weeks ago I receive the next step which was just to attach a passport photo and sign then send it off, so it's just a case of more waiting, not that I can see myself going out at this time of year as the cold makes a big difference to my breathing.. One of the big Supermarkets deliver all my groceries, my medicines are also delivered and even the ladies of La Post will always stop to see if I have any mail to be sent, you certainly wouldn't get service like this from the UK?
  4. If you believe all you read in the press then God help you. Maybe you didn't understand what I stated, My Companies Pension is protected by the P.P.F, I had already been stiffed by the Chairman/Director Mr Allan Amey, he stole my pension to try to prop up this ailing company of LDV, with my money, and my pension, then you are mistaken. So what would you do ? just lie down and accept it? No I fought to change peoples attitude.
  5. Cathar. You didn't read the full articles of my pension, it will remain as is. . Those who are already receiving their pension will also normally continue to be paid in full.
  6. I get a state Pension same as many other person do, and also have a company pension which is paid by the Pension Protection Fund.
  7. FurtheI have received another letter in the lunch time post from NHS Business Services Authority Headed Healthcare after Brexit. Further info go to www.gov.uk/uk-nationals-living-eu S 1 scheme. At the moment we understand you get state-funded healthcare under something known as the S1 scheme. The S1 scheme supports certain people, including UK state Pensioners, some workers and people receiving UK benefits who live in the EU. This is funded by the UK government and is administered by the NHS Business Services Authority
  8. Hi Britin. I can't tell exactly, because a good friend known to most as Sunday-Driver, he helped me by sorting all this out for me. He was a fraud investigator for HSBC so it certainly wasn't any fiddle.
  9. As I pointed out, being taxed as a single male I was being hammered, for want of a better phrase . I was informed that I could transfer my payment of taxes to the French system and was told of this by our good friend, now no longer with us, S. D. So I have been paying into the French system for twelve years or more now. Here I'm treated more fairly as my taxes are on an even playing field.
  10. Idun. I haven't paid my pension taxes in the UK for years as I opted to pay here In France, which means I'm no longer punished for being a single male,.it was a love of motorcycle sport for the reason for remaining single. This was quite a dangerous sport in those days, so female relationship went out the window.
  11. Only last week I received a letter from the "NHS Business Services Authority" which gives a website you can go to ,to find out about this situation; www..gov.uk/uk-nationals-living-eu. this will explain the situation for every-one. I just hope that I can have a lung transplant before long as I have waited for almost year on the 16th October, Otherwise I shall be hearing the ringing ot the cash registers.
  12. Hi Chancer. Thank you for your moral support,it does help. I have always held a positive outlook on life, as Doris Day sang Kay-sur-ahh what ever will be. I certainly will not be driving but will be driven, by ambulance to the local Stade where a helicopter will be required to land, so the ambulance will have a very short trip of 1.5 kilometers to deliver me to the Stade to the helicopter. I have never had a ride in a helicopter so it will be a new experience, my most memorable ride aloft was in a in a glider over the Warwickshire countryside. It's so peaceful being up there.
  13. Hi Hoddy. I can't thank people enough for their good wishes, Thank you too Hoddy, All I can do now is to sit by the phone and wait to get a call from the Hospital although I just don' know when that will be, I was however told by the surgeon that it could be a long wait and don't get too worried as It could take some time to locate a good set of lungs for the operation.
  14. Hi Loiseau. Yes, I suppose it's quite a daunting prospect but the other side of the coin points in only one positive direction death, and that isn't an option that I wish to chose at the moment as the surgeon has said, 72 is still quite young to die as most others where in their mid to late eighties. So for now I will continue to wait for the phone call. I shall also stick to what some of the local children have nick-named my Buggy, the Mr Oui Oui mobile."
  15. Hi Greg & Sid. The main reason for me was the weight of the bike, A BMW K75S X 2 as each are three times my own weight so are difficult to manoeuvre which then caused my breathing become more difficult even though with oxygen. Emphysema is the reason I originally stopped, for the last five years I have been reliant on oxygen but every six months I have some sort of relapse and have to rushed to hospital. I then remain for a few weeks while getting my medication changed before returning home again. Late August was the last time when I was back in but this time it was for a very long stay as it was mid-October before I was again released. A few days before I left the chief lung surgeon who is in charge of the Pneumo Department came to see me and we had quite a long chat. This chat was about having a transplant, but his first words were quite concerning until he said, It was your whole attitude that made both he and my young lady consultant agreed that I was a little different to what they had expected and my outlook was quite positive. Also being younger at 72 and stronger with a very positive outlook was also a good reason because people of 80+ are unable to recover from an operation of this sort because their body can’t cope with the shock, when told of news like this, but you were completely different and you seem to be the eternal optimist. He then said that he as well as my consultant had been in a video conference with a top lung specialist at the hospital in Poitiers and they all agreed that I would be a strong candidate for this operation. I then asked that if I do die don’t tell me, and with that he burst into a fit of laughter. After his laughter died down he said that I should go home and get a big bag packed ready for a long stay then just sit and wait for a phone call and if we have to get you here quickly we will send a helicopter for you, as it will only take half an hour return trip as opposed to a road trip of 1.5 hrs one way only.
  16. The box I have is a M9Cpro which is connected to my router then with HDMI to the HDMI on the TV, The setting up was done by a friend who is more savy with these gizmos than I will ever be. Believe me it gets ALL the Sky Sports channels and ALL the EUOSPORTS sports Channels too.
  17. How does eighteen months equate to many years? I purchased my original streamer in early 2017, now I'm thinking of upgrading, I think that this would grade me as a relative novice compared to many others on this forum,which once included S.D I think it's better to ask for advice rather than go stumbling along so I ask for advice it's always best to ask those who know more than you do.
  18. Hi Pomme. With the first one I had,which was a M9CPRO I could watch all Sky sports channels including the F1 races. Plus BT sports channels including the Moto GP with my very own fellow citizen Suzy Perry, The world Super Bikes,and the British Super bikes. Then there are all the other British channels plus several film channels to watch too. the choice is quite wide ranging once you get started. All I had to do was to plug it into the mains and connect it to my modem, plug it into my TV and then set it up. I certainly never bothered with the iplayer.
  19. Hi folks, I'm thinking of trying one of these TV streaming devices and been recomended a M9CPro which gives the Beeb, ITV, channels 4&5 Sky, & BT, from the UK. Has anyone tried one of these and are they easy to set up ? Any advice welcome.
  20. Last night after watching TV I did what I always do, I switched off the Sky box with the remote then the same with the TV remote. This morning I switched on to watch Sky 05:00 news, (after twenty odd years I still can't get out of the habit of early rising) unfortunately the only news I got was nothing, it was a case of no news or anything. just a blank screen, I changed both the remotes then the Sky top boxes, the TV indicator lights still work but nothing else. I also checked all the connection and still nothing. Have any of you boffins out there any ideas as to what might have gone wrong?
  21. For many weeks I have been reading and hearing about our UK pensions, firstly that the Crone plans to tax our pensions, yet we had been taxed on our pension contributions from our weekly wage/monthly salary, now I read that some of the expats may not be paid their rightful pensions by the UK government if a no deal situation should arise. How do we all stand on this matter?
  22. Hi ET, ou have hit the nail smack dead centre on the head of what I was getting at, more succinctly too.Thanks.
  23. For the last 12 months I have amassed over 150 call numbers from all over France from the Mid-Pyrénées to Paris, and most those from Paris where from the 6th district. know this because I used to use "Tellows" which was good for tracing these call numbers. Unfortunately it has of late been letting me down by telling me that numbers that I know to be safe are all coming from one small area of this department when in fact they from all over the department. Can anyone recommend another website that I could use?
  24. Loiseau. There is plenty of space in the square to park but these people have always chosen to park directly outside my house because they have less distance to walk across the road to the apartments where they all live. Our maire knows of my health condition and is a very helpful gent. I have drafted a letter to him explaining the situation stating that with fluid on the lungs time is a very important factor, that needs to be treated as soon as possible and the need for an ambulance to access my front door and get me to hospital ASAP.Hence the Gendarmerie escort.
  25. NO. It's for day time only, I can go to bed at night and be fine but the following morning I could find it hard to breath and that's when I know I need an ambulance because even with an oxygen supply I have problems breathing.
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