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  1. Hi all i have fitted some decking at our french house in the Charente Maritime( wood purchased in france and class3). I would like to stain it like we have done in England but can't understand enough off the french words on the tin to make sure i get the right stuff, seems to be so many different ones. Can i use decking stain from the uk as this time of year there is buy one get one free or because of the termite situation in france am i to use the French stuff, if so any idea which one is the best to use.
  2. Hi all thanks for the replies i was thinking of getting a 3-3.5 mtr inflatable with may be a 5hp motor max only want to be moving at slow speed not speed boat. The other option would be a 14-15 ft day boat wood or fibre glass with a lot bigger engine because of the extra weight same again only cruising speed. The river in question is the Charente, there are already boats on there of all descriptions with petrol outboards.
  3. Hi all thinking of getting a boat for the river exploring and fishing, cant make my mind up wether to get a big inflatable or a day boat. what size boat and engine can i go upto before i need a liscense or permits. What would the price be for a year and does it run for 12 months from purchase or is it jan till december like fishing liscense. thanks in advance
  4. Hi all i'm in the Charente Maritime region between the above dates and would like to know which brocantes and vide grenir are the best to visit within this time. Looking for furniture items and bits and bobs. thanks
  5. Hi, I am looking for a beach in the charete maritime where you are allowed to take dogs in the summer time. In our trips to various areas so far we have only come accross winter access on the beach for dogs. We are pretty central so any sugestions would be gratefully received.
  6. Thanks La Vette but it is kind of stating the obvious! can you give me anywhere to try to start with.
  7. hi all, Can anybody help, i am looking for storage jars for the kitchen like the ones you find all over the uk with labels on for tea and coffee and so on but would like the labels to be in french. Other alternative would be labels that you can buy to stick on. Does anybody know where i can source from either in the uk or France. Thanks
  8. Thanks for the info sheldon, when in france the only thing under pressure is the water lol
  9. Hi all Im in the charente Maritime near saint savinien when at the house and would like to know any places to look for the above mentioned bed. would like one in good condition not one for restoration. Anybody know of any good brocantes that sell them on a regular basis. Thanks
  10. hi does this mean that if you have a uk kitchen tap you are ok providing you use a french flexible tap connector
  11. Kathy, I meant 120mm deep not above the ground, lol , but your right might have been miss-understood by others. Thanks for the advice
  12. sorry Kathy your right, should have read 1200mm. 120mm wouldn't need to worry at that depth
  13. hi all thanks for the replys the pool would be on the ground not in it at all so would be 120mm approx above the ground. will have to review the access situation
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