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  1. We want to do some off road motorcycling in the France. Firstly, does anyone know what the French is for Offroad or Green Laning in France? Does anyone know of any Offroad Motorbike associations in France that I can contact? Does anyone know the rules and regs of where you can legally ride? Do you have any experience of offroading in France - would you be prepared to offer some help and advice? Many thanks
  2. I have just passed my CBT and so am riding a 125 on L Plates. Can anyone tell me if I am able to ride my motorbike in France on L Plates? Thanks
  3. Hi I have seen "contact Yamaha, Honda etc" but how do you contact them? I assume you don't mean a dealer or do you? Can anyone advise, I have a Yamaha that will need C of C next year. Thanks
  4. Can anyone recommend a chimney sweep near St Junien (87)? Thanks
  5. "Suggest you ask locally, I engaged TWO in the area around Rochechouart, (Rock-cabbage-art???: ), but neither turned up even after repeated phone calls and promises to do so." .... Hence the request. Who did you use in the end Alcazar? I would like recommendations from those living in the area please. Thanks
  6. [quote]if you are resident and can provide an "attestation de droit de securitie sociale" then you qualify for free lessons from the APP. (ateliers de pedagogue personal or something like that... look up APP...[/quote] Hi Hoverfrog I see you are in 87. Can you tell me where your OH is taking the lessons? Thanks
  7. Can anyone recommend a chimney sweep in this area? Tried www.pagesjaunes.com but can't work it out. Thanks
  8. "It would be much better if it was returned to the original sender (with an excess charge attached) so that it can be sent again with the correct postage. People can make mistakes but sometimes the contents of letters can be very important." I agree that they shouldn't hold onto mail for 2 months but how are they going to send mail back to sender with no address? If they opened mail to try and find a return address I think this would be against some sort of data protection act or something. I suppose their view is that if you know it takes 2 months to arrive without correct postage it will make sure you pay the correct amount next time???
  9. [quote]Try the definitive site, Notaires de France: http://www.notaires.fr/notaires/notaires.nsf/V_TC_PUB/GBACC You should find answers to most of your questions on there - click on "Realized gains on rea...[/quote] Arkon With reference to your comment "Incidentally, I was trying to find out about the time limit you mentioned (3 years) - I thought that it was 10 years (having recently been reduced from 30) - where did your friends find out about this?" I was referring to the length of tennancy agreements in France which I thought were generally 3 year agreements. Is that not right?
  10. If someone has sent some mail from the UK and it is not stamped what happens? Does the receiver get charged as they do here in the UK/ Thanks
  11. Thanks Will - you sound quite knowledgeable on these matters. After discussing with my friend it seems that she has to pay this tax within 6 months or so she believes. These seems a little harsh as even if she tried to sell the place it might not go within 6 months and she's landed with a hefty bill through no fault of her own. Do you know if this is true?
  12. I have a friend who has been left a house in the South of France by a relative (auntie I think). They have been to visit the house and sort out the necessasry paperwork and have been left totally confused about how their inheritance will be treated. The house is in a poor state of repair and needs work doing on it and is full of old furniture. Its my understanding that they have to pay 60% inheritance tax if they sell or not. Without much time or money they have to decide what to do with the house. Have you been in a similar situation. Can you offer any advice? My thoughts are: 1. If they sell they get 40% of something they didn't have before - although they may have to pay CGT on the difference in selling price etc. 2. If they clear out the furniture and bring any decent stuff to sell in England then the house is empty so saving on tax d'habitation bills. 3. Rent the house as unfurnised under good advice - at least this buys them some time (3 years as I understand it) to decide what they would like to do. Lastly, is there any way the inheritance tax can be "lessoned" in this situation. Appreciate any comments/thoughts and I'll pass them on.
  13. I have been fortunate enough to be offered a job interview for a job based in Aimargues between Montpellier and Nimes (I think). They have asked me what my salary expectations. The problem I have is that I don't know the area and I wouldn't have any idea of the cost of renting a reasonable house would be and the general cost of living to make an estimate. Can anyone give me an opinion? I live here in a 3 bed semi and would want to live in at least something with 2 bedrooms. I realise this is a very "how long is a piece of string" question but if you know the area well, you might be able to give me an idea of the sorts of monthly rents I would need to pay. If you know of any websites that have houses for rent on which would give me an idea too that would be great. Thanks for any help.
  14. I understand that (once your E106 as expired) the health charges are 8% of income over 6849€. Silly question I know, but what happens if your income is less than this? Thanks
  15. [quote]we did offer you help but put our selves out for you but obviously you must not be that desperate! liz x www.holidaybandb-limousin.com [/quote] Liz I posted on behalf of this family as they didn't have access to the internet so I cannot vouch for this family and their requirements. Thank you for responding anyway. Carla
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