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  1. Thanks - we are going to give it a go and try to re-register. I think your point about the high prices of second hand bikes in France is probably the motivation for us! At least we know our bikes, and what is wearing out. And the price differential hopefully makes the complicated paperwork worth it in the log run.  
  2. Blimey, that is a lot more complicated than I had first imagined. My husband is forming the opinion that it would be easier to sell the UK registered bikes back in the UK and then buy French registered ones. My only thing against that is my concern about the lack of CT for bikes - so unless you buy new (or know what you are looking at) you could buy a duff one. We are not technically minded - at least not enough to see if we were being sold a lemon. Thanks for all the info, T
  3. Thanks for that - our bikes are Suzuki GS500 registered in 2002. Apparently 54bhp. And a Yamaha Thundercat 600cc from 1997. I think the bhp is around 100. I hope that is enough info. I am a bit vague, cos I don't know much about bikes. I just ride 'em. T
  4. My husband and I have just moved over to France, and whilst there is lots of advice on re-registering cars, I cannot find what process we need to follow to re-register our two bikes here. There is even a guy who lives near here who handles the re-registering of cars for newcomers - for a fee - but even he won't help us. Where can we find out the process/forms/payments required? Thanks Tee and Howie
  5. We are just in the process of buying a house in France. We have got to the stage of selling up in the UK and are looking in our chosen area during January and February. The income we will get will be from gites, but we cannot find anyone who will lend money when the repayments are to come from gite income. Is there such an organisation - the only ones we can find are where you have a salary in the UK. Thanks T
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