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  1. Hi all can anyone tell me if there is a difference between sinks in uk and france as in waste hole size and tap hole size. Can buy sink in uk cheaper but not sure whether fitments in france will fit. Thanks Jon  
  2. Hi if it is a fridge/freezer it wont work in cold ambient temperature....but a freezer on its own will work fine.
  3. Hi if there is no sound from compressor...black pot at back...then 9 times out of ten it will be the thermostat...a univesal stat will fit at no more than 10 pounds in uk.....ime a fridge engineer
  4. Hi anybody know of any good lakes for swimming and watersports in the vienne. Jon
  5. Hi anybody know of a decent, not to expensive tile shop where we can buy floor tiles.we are between Poitiers and Angouleme in the Vienne. Jon   
  6. Hi we have bought a house which has an above ground pool, but in a bad condition!! It has lots of debris in it and rips in the liner. What i really want to know is: a) is it worth repairing and what what to use to clean it up? b)what equipment would i need to buy ie: filter /pump etc to make it useable? c)the cost of useing it ? thanks Jon
  7. Hi we would like to receive some sort of television service in France, French,English or ideally both but are confused by what we need and whether it is better to buy a tv in France or in the uk.We have an ariel in the house but could an English tv receive french channels on it and in the future can we receive freeview tv channels.thx          
  8. Hi we have seen a house just by driving past it and offered a price.What i would like to know is have the immobiliers got any power to make me pay their commision even though i have not been in touch with them.Its just that they have sale signs with the immobilier outside the house.
  9. No there are vent pipes and no not the rugby player ime afraid lol
  10. We are interested in a  small house purchase but we have a concern that the fosse is next to the kitchen in a garage.It is also concreted in.We are worried that smells will come into the house and that its even legal.The owner has told us it was installed about 10 years ago.
  11. Hi has  anyone had any dealings with or can recommend an english speaking notaire in the Granville area of Normandy for a private house purchase. 
  12. Hi can anyone tell me the true cost involved in buying a property around the £50,000  mark and who pays what and when. Thanks Jon.
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