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  1. Yes but we had to buy the wifi card to go in the slot in the box . It cost €27. MK
  2. Having just signed up with Free in February, I can confirm that you are right except that you receive only one box and TV is not available except in degroupage totale areas. MK 
  3. There is an offer on at Champion at present. About €30 for one 1,5x1,6 I think. I have binned the leaflet! MK
  4. Perhaps you have just done the same thing...................; MK
  5. Plant a rose or other fast growing hedge. This will stop the cuttings and some of the dust without falling out with the neighbour. Perhaps................ MK
  6. Thankyou. I am truly flattered by your kind offer, however, I must decline as I made a promise to the Prefecture that I would not seek employment. MK
  7. I'm sorry to butt in ( ignore me if you wish) but what has happened. I've been away for a couple of day MK
  8. I think that the real reason is, as stated, to keep the plane balanced. Anyone who has been involved with aircraft loading will know that there is a very technical job of 'Loadmaster'. It actually carries officer rank in the RAF. MK
  9. Opas, I think you got it right! MK
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