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  1. Somebody else who can't read! The post is headed DO WE NEED AN INTERPRETER AT THE SIGNING OF THE ACTE DE VENTE and it ends with a question mark. One of these ? Therefore it was the original question. I am surprised at you Sunday Driver, you showed yourself more inteligent and friendly on another site.
  2. Watch my lips - the original question "do we need an interpreter at the signing of the Acte de Vente"? Wasn't that difficult was it? Go pick on some-one else with your silly questions  --  or read what has been written.
  3. [quote user="Will"] Maureen, which bit is codswallop? That you need a translator? That you don't? Or something else? [/quote] The answer to the original question.
  4. As a general rule of thumb, if you take a "menu", the service is always included. ( TTC ).  If you eat à la carte, service is not included, and left to your discretion. Nobody 'tells' me what I must leave.
  5. Sorry to have to tell you guys, but a warning triangle is an obligation in all transport! If new legislation comes in it will be compulsary to have two triangles and a fluo jacket for each person in the car.
  6. The worst families I ever saw for leaving a house dirty were some very rich yuppies. Two families with two children apiece arrived in very expensive flashy cars. When they left, the full bin liners were outside the door on the terrace in full sun and already stinking nicely. They was a bin liner full of babies nappies full of poo. The wall behind the loo was covered in s**t and the place was a general tip. Instead of putting up notices threatening to make people pay if they don't do this or that, just add on an extra €50 to the rental.........it's SO much easier. I remember two friends of mine who complained that people always nicked the coathangers. Easy answer go into the coat hanger trade, buy them,  and add on to the rent for them.
  7. [quote user="Kimi"]No, not an European nor EU citizen. [/quote] In that case you would have to ask your Consulate in the mystery country where you live !!!!
  8. PD from rouffignac has it in one. The Notaire cannot pay you out until the cheque has been cleared by the Bank, even though it may be in his account ( non interest making ). If you look at your paying in slips from foreign cheques you will see that there is always a waiver in the delay of payment. The person who sold me my house insisted he had the money for it on the day of the signing of that Acte de Vente. This meant  that I had to transfer my money to the Notaire's account at least a full 7 days before hand, so the cheque had time to clear. This I was quite happy to do, as I was entirely serious about buying the house, and I knew that if the boot was on the other fault, I would have liked the cheque on the day of signing myself. France is NOT closed mid July - to mid August, there are always people working in Banks and Government offices, albeit fewer staff, so longer processing. Please get it right all you posters!
  9. This depends on how you opened the account, and especially how your names(s) are printed on the cheque-book. So, it can be right - but it can be wrong also. I think the correct formula on the cheque-book has to be "Monsieur OU Madame Dufour" not Monsieur ET Madame;;;;;;;;;.
  10. I don't play games with little boys.................grow up
  11. Hi Mel  --  you wouldn't speed or break the law would you ??!!!!.................
  12. Ron - stay in the Aveyron then you won't certainly be behind me in a check- out queue. What's your problem? Misogonist? PS I don't do cheque books either.
  13. There seem to be a lot of doubting Thomas's about, and I object to being called a liar. I do not HAVE to have a passport, I live in France and have done for 30 years, and if I don't want to travel  abroad, I certainly don't need a passport. I also entered France & England on my Carte de Sejour, FULL STOP. Needless to say, I am not quite so stupid as you fellas would wish to believe as I did have my passport packed away and I was "trying it on". It worked altho' I would not necessarily do it again. And yes, thank you, I have renewed my passport, just  incase I ever have to go to UK, to a funeral for instance, in a hurry. BUT WHAT I HAVE SAID IS TRUE...............................
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